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Fort Egbert and Eagle City, Alaska  -  Related Materials
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Visit the Library for more information:

Alaska's libraries include plenty of audio, visual, and written material about Fort Egbert and the frontier town of Eagle. Visit your local library or go online to see what's available in holdings all over the state. Take these simple steps:

  1. Access SLED (State Library Electronic Doorway) at
  2. Click on the listing for ALNCat (the Alaska Library Network Catalog) to view the Basic Search window.
    Go to the Keyword field, and type in EAGLE ALASKA or FORT EGBERT.

More Reading:

Amundsen, Roald. The North West Passage: Being the Record of a Voyage of Exploration of the Ship Gjöa, 1903-1907. London: A. Constable and Co., Ltd., 1908.

Amundsen, Roald. Roald Amundsen: My Life as an Explorer. Garden City, N.Y.: Doubleday, Page & Co., 1927.

Eagle Historical Society & Museums. Eagle-Fort Egbert: A Remnant of the Past. Fairbanks, Alaska: Bureau of Land Management, 1999. Rev. 2003.

Eagle Historical Society & Museums. "Lucile Emily Hanigan." Eagle Wireless newsletter, Vol. XXVII, No. 1, Spring 1999. Between 1908-1909, Major Henry Hanigan was the Commanding Officer at Fort Egbert, Eagle, Alaska. Lucile Hanigan and her three preschool children accompanied their husband and father during this assignment. In her daily diary, Mrs. Hanigan provides the readers with an intimate view of family life at this farthest north army post. The Hanigans were a very active family who participated in many of the year-round post and city activities.

Mitchell, William, Lyman L. Woodman. The Opening of Alaska. Anchorage, Alaska: Cook Inlet Historical Society, 1982. Second edition, Missoula, Mont.: Pictorial Histories Publishing Co., 1988.

National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States. Fort Egbert and Eagle, Alaska: A Preservation Plan. Washington, D.C.: The Trust, 1976.

Scott, Elva R. Jewel on the Yukon, Eagle City: Illustrated. Eagle City, Alaska, Eagle Historical Society & Museums, 1997.

Shinkwin, Anne D. Fort Egbert and the Eagle Historic District: Results of Archeological and Historic Research, Summer 1977. Tok, Alaska: The Area, 1978.

Archival Materials:

Fort Egbert Construction and Activities, 1899-1912. Alaska State Library. This album consists primarily of 78 black-and-white photographs taken during the construction of Fort Egbert, near the town of Eagle, Alaska, ca. 1899-1912. The images show construction, transportation and arrival of goods by steamer, activities and personnel around Fort Egbert, views of Eagle, Nome, and St. Michael. F.H. Nowell took some of the photographs. Many of the images were numbered by an unknown photographer.

Charlie J. Patton Collection, 1915-1957. Alaska State Library. The Charlie J. Patton collection includes 313 photographs, including two scrapbooks, of the Yukon River area, Tanana, Ruby, Fort Gibbon, Fort Liscum, Cordova and Tonsina, Alaska. Many are captioned. Images of roadhouses, the Valdez-Fairbanks Trail, Copper River and Northwestern Railroad, Alaska Native culture, and portraits are also included in the loose photographs. A photograph album contains images of Charlie Patton, his family and friends, and their various activities, including amateur theater. An oversize scrapbook contains both clippings and photographs of various Alaskan subjects. Patton also collected articles and newspaper clippings on Alaska and Pacific Northwest-related events that are filed in folders by subject.

George L. Harrington Photograph Collection, 1909-1917. Alaska State Library. Volume 1, a U.S.G.S. scrapbook compiled in accordance with the survey order, primarily concerns geological formations and includes views of Ruby, Long City, Fort Gibbon, Fort Yukon, Anvik Mission, Eagle, Tolstoi, Holy Cross, Russian Mission, Marshall-Fortuna Ledge, Candle, Teller. Also included are views of Simel's Store and Sawmill on the Dishna, the steamer Oil City, the schooner Silver Wave, the gasboat Standard, and Mayflower of St. Michael. Vol. 2 is a personal photo album and contains commercial postcards and original photos of the Alaska Boundary Survey in 1909 and 1912, the Boundary Survey crew, Athabascans, birch-bark canoes, fish drying operations, a fish wheel at Ruby, Fort Yukon, the White River, Nation River, Porcupine River, riverboats. The album also includes pictures of Asa Baldwin.

Plan of Guard House at Fort Egbert, Alaska. B.T. Scher and E.H. Plummer, U.S. Army, 3rd Infantry, 1900s. Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Library and Archives. Includes one architectural plan for the Guard House, Fort Egbert, Alaska, photocopied onto two sheets. Includes northeast elevation and section drawings, and floor plan.

Lieutenants' Quarters No. 3, Fort Egbert, Alaska. J.S. Evans and C.S. Farnsworth, U.S. Army, 7th Infantry, 1900. Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Library and Archives. Includes three architectural plans for Lieutenants' Quarters Number 3, Fort Egbert, Alaska. Includes front elevation and section drawing, floor plan for first floor, and floor plan for second floor.

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Fort Egbert and Eagle City

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