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How to Use LitSite Alaska

LitSite Alaska contains an extensive collection of content, but we've worked to make it easy to navigate. Remember that you can Submit Your Story to be considered for publication on the site.

You can search by keyword using the search box in the lefthand margin of each page.

The Section list in the left margin will expand to reveal additional Categories within each Section. You can always use this side navigation to explore the site or delve deeper into a particular Section.

When you are on an article, you can see where you are on the site by looking at the "path" of links above the article title. It starts with Home > Section > Category > Etc. You can click any of those links to backtrack to higher content levels within the site.

At the bottom of every article, there is a link to Top of Page and also Return to Listing to go back one level to the list of articles in that particular Category.

The main content categories and sections for LitSite Alaska include:

Peer Work - A searchable database containing original creative work from students and adults. Searchable by genre, author, keywords and other categories.

Family & Community - Stories about families and their love of reading and writing. Contains:

Family Collections
Family Features

History & Culture - Here you'll find stories, articles and essays reflecting the cultures and heritages of Alaska's people, preserving oral traditions of storytelling and accessing memories of life in the Last Frontier. Contains:

Cultural Heritage
Art of Storytelling
Life in Alaska
ANCSA at 30

Narrative & Healing - This section focuses on the therapeutic properties of writing and storytelling, providing examples of how people of all ages face life's challenges through the art of telling their stories. Contains:


Reading & Writing - Here you'll find stories from people who have discovered how reading has enriched their lives and are eager to pass it on through traditional way and non-traditional ways. Contains:

Reading Out Loud
Love of Reading
Inspiring Readers
Featured Writers
Creative Contests
Pass The Word

Libraries & Booksellers - Find out more about Alaska libraries and booksellers and the people who work there. Contains:

Library Programs
Library Profiles
Library Resources
Library Galleries
Bookstore Profiles

Teaching & Learning - This section is full of activities and exercises contributed by educators, parents and students from around Alaska. The Reading and Writing Workbooks are divided into sections based on level - Multiple Skill Levels, Elementary, Middle, and High School. Contains:

Reading Workbooks
Writing Workbooks

Digital Archives - The Digital Archives Partnership is a collaboration between LitSite Alaska and the Alaska's Digital Archives. Alaska's LitSite provides narrative content that supports the digital images along with links for more information on the subject and a list of books and visual materials available in libraries throughout Alaska. Contains:

Land Sea Air
People of the North
Community Life

 We will continue to add content to the site each month. Remember that you can Submit Your Story to be considered for publication on the site.

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