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Exploring New Worlds: RSVP Volunteers  -  About the Retired Senior Volunteer Program
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The Retired Senior Volunteer Program is a nationwide project to mobilize the skills, experience and talent of people over the age of 55. Volunteers work in local communities to solve community problems. They are part of the National Senior Service Corp along with volunteers of the Foster Grandparents Program and the Senior Companion Program. Approximately 455,000 RSVP volunteers serve through more than 63,000 public and private nonprofit community organizations.

Volunteers symbolLocally, RSVP is sponsored by and housed at Volunteers of America Alaska. The South-central Alaska RSVP has a history of helping seniors find meaningful service opportunities. It helps people who have not previously volunteered, and for those already volunteering, it offers free benefits, such as insurance, to cover them while they do their volunteer assignments. RSVP staff members have the knowledge, skill and resources to help non-profit organizations build programs that will make volunteers feel needed, wanted and valuable.

Volunteering is a valuable experience where one can learn new and marketable skills while helping to build community.

For more information contact:

Christina DeNuptiis, Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator
Retired Senior Volunteers Program
1350 East 19th Street
Anchorage, AK 99501
(907) 274-7787

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