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Narrative and Healing

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Who Am I?
By Amanda Kelsey

Who Am I?

I am the hope that has gone away,

the feelings of nothingness that grow day by day.

The pit in your stomach that begins to rot,

I am what most are not.

The light inside that wanes every day.

The thing that causes your dreams to decay.

I am the sleepless nights that never end,

the one thing your loved ones cannot comprehend.

I am what causes your relationships to break apart,

the thing that has taken over your heart.

I am the fake smile that others see,

though your thoughts only belong to me.

I have stolen your passion, your love,

I make you question the greater power above.

I show no bias for those I take,

or who lives I finally break.

I am the reaper that comes for you,

the one person you wish you never knew.

Who am I you ask?

I am depression.



Amanda Kelsey


About the Author: Amanda Kelsey is in her final semester of nursing school at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She wrote this poem hoping to bring awareness to the issue of mental health and to provide insight into how those with depression truly feel.


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