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The movers-and-shakers in territorial history served their people at a critical time, shaping policy in women’s suffrage, fisheries, transportation, and land use. Visits from national-level politicians were cause to celebrate.

Andrew Nerland, 1870-1956 (2 pages)
Andrew Nerland was an entrepreneur, ever ready for adventure and gifted with good business sense.

Dora M. Sweeney, 1907-2001 (2 pages)
Dora M. Sweeney was one of six women among the 55 delegates to the Alaska Constitutional Convention.

Governor John F.A. Strong - Governor of the Territory of Alaska, 1913-1918 (2 pages)
John Franklin Alexander Strong was appointed Alaska's territorial governor in 1913, but was dismissed when a well-kept secret surfaced.

Ernest Gruening, "Father of Alaska Statehood" (2 pages)
Ernest Gruening was a man who wore many hats in his lifetime: from WWI soldier to physician to journalist.

Warren G. Harding (2 pages)
On June 20, 1923, President Harding and the First Lady (Florence Kling Harding) embarked on a speaking tour through the West and into Alaska.

William H. Seward, 1801-1872 (2 pages)
William H. Seward was commissioned as U.S. Secretary of State on March 5, 1861, and served under two presidents: Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson.

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