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Alaska has drawn newcomers - adventurers, opportunists, end-of-the-roaders - since the first European set foot on its magnificent shores. foot on its magnificent shores. These hardy individuals helped to build a territory and the 49th state.
Alaska Nellie (2 pages)
One of Alaska's best-known crack-shot hunters and camp cooks was a wiry, independent woman named Nellie Neal Lawing - "Alaska Nellie."

Isabelle Cleary Barnette - The First Lady of Fairbanks 1875-1942 (2 pages)
Isabelle Cleary was born in Minnesota in 1875, the daughter of Irish Catholic immigrants.

Sydney M. Laurence - 1865-1940 (2 pages)
Sydney Mortimer Laurence is famed for his dramatic landscape paintings of Alaska.

Fred Machetanz (2 pages)
Alaskan artist Fred Machentanz possessed the ability to capture a romantic view of Alaska as a place of heroic adventure, beauty, and mystery.

Emery Valentine, Juneau Pioneer (2 pages)
Emery Valentine was one of Juneau's leading citizens when the community was just taking shape.

Winter and Pond, Frontier Photographers (2 pages)
Alaska history buffs who appreciate outstanding archival photography are familiar with the studio name of Winter & Pond.

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