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Three Lucky Swedes  -  Related Materials
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Visit the Library for More Information:

Alaska's libraries include plenty of audio, visual, and written material about the early days of Nome and its gold rush. Visit your local library or go online to see what's available in holdings all over the state. Take these simple steps:

  1. Access SLED (State Library Electronic Doorway) at
  2. Click on the listing for ALNCat (the Alaska Library Network Catalog) to view the Basic Search window.
    Go to the Keyword field, and type in NOME GOLD RUSH.

More Reading:

Cole, Terrence. Nome, City of the Golden Beaches. Anchorage: Alaska Geographic Society, 1984.

Frederick, David C. Rugged Justice: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the American West, 1891-1941. Berkeley, Calif.: University of California Press, 1994.

French, L.H. Nome Nuggets: Some of the Experiences of a Party of Gold Seekers in Northwestern Alaska in 1900. Anchorage: Alaska Northwest Publishing Co., 1983. First published in 1901.

Koschman, A. H. and M. H. Bergendahl. Principal Gold-Producing Districts of the United States, US Geological Survey, 1968, Professional Paper 610, p.18.

Littlepage, Dean. Gold Fever in the North: The Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush Era, A Gold Rush Centennial Exhibition. Anchorage: Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Municipality of Anchorage, 1997.

Lung, Velma D., Ella Lung Martinsen, Edward Burchall Lung. Trail to North Star Gold, a Sequel to Black Sand and Gold. 2nd ed. Portland, Ore.: Binfords & Mort, 1974, 1969.

McLain, Carrie M. Gold-Rush Nome. Portland, Ore.: Printed by Graphic Arts Center, 1969.

Sherzer, Edwin B., Clara Miller, Kenneth J. Kutz. Nome Gold: Two Years of the Last Great Gold Rush in American History, 1900-1902. Darien, Ct.: Gold Fever Publishing, 1991.


Letzring, Michael, Miachel Porcaro, Terrence Cole. Nome. VHS (ca. 50 min.) Anchorage: KAKM Video, 1998.

Archival Materials:

Grinnell, Joseph. Gold Hunting in Alaska. Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Microform, 96 pages. Elgin, Ill., Chicago, David C. Cook Pub. Co., 1901.

Eric A. Hegg Photographs and Published Albums, 1898-1905. University of Alaska Anchorage. The collection includes photos and souvenir albums published by Eric A. Hegg. The collection contains 28 cyanotype and two black-and-white photographs, plus three published souvenir albums. The photographs include images of the Klondike and surrounding areas taken during the Gold Rush period of 1898 through 1900.The first album depicts life in the Klondike during the 1898 Gold Rush. The second album deals with the Nome Gold Rush at the beginning of the 20th century. The third album contains images of Southeast Alaska, circa 1900 through 1905. The souvenir albums contain halftone prints of Hegg photos.

Lomen Family Papers, 1850-1969. Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Lomen papers contain an extensive amount of material relating to the reindeer industry. The papers also contain correspondence with public figures such as explorers Stefansson and Amundsen; Gudbrand Lomen's court case calendar, legal opinions and articles he wrote; Alfred Lomen's legislative papers, radio broadcasts and speeches; material relating to an effort to have Ralph Lomen appointed governor of the Territory of Alaska; a large collection of photographs and two reindeer films; and the personal papers of individual members of the Lomen Family.

Julia W. Weber Collection, 1890-1910. University of Alaska Anchorage. The collection consists of a transcript of Myrtle Ryan's diary and an album, given to Julia Weber by Dorothy Boche, containing 109 photographs and postcards. The diary (1900-1901) relates Myrtle Ryan's travel to Alaska, her Klondike trip, and her daily life in Nome. The photographs (ca. 1890-1910) depict villages in southeast Alaska, totems, boats, and various people.

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