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Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Two Old Women  >  Reading Comprehension Questions
Chapter 7 - The stillness is broken

 Chapter Summary: In this chapter Dagoo and the hunters find the two old women alive and healthy. After an initial tense confrontation the two old women lay down strict rules about how they will interact with The People. The two old women share their food with the men and promise to share with The People if they promise to follow their demands.

What were the two old women doing when they heard Dagoo call for them? (p. 107)

Answer: The women were doing chores and eating supper.

Sa told Ch’idzigyaak that they must be prepared for what? (p. 109)

Answer: They had to be ready for anything, even death.

What was the first thing Sa’ yelled out to the men? (p. 109)

Answer: “We are here!”

What did Dagoo do when he heard Sa’? (p. 109)

Answer: He smiled.

Why did Sa’s voice seem close to Dagoo? (p. 110)

Answer: The cold air made the voice sound very close by.

How did the women greet them? (p. 110)

Answer: The women held long, sharp spears.

What did the two old women look like when holding the spears? (p. 110)

Answer: Warriors.

What did Sa’ want to know about the presence of the men? (p. 110)

Answer: She wanted to know why the men came to find them.

What did Dagoo tell them about why they came to find them? (p. 110)

Answer: He tells them that the chief sent them to find him.

What does the guide say about how the chief will treat them? (p. 111)

Answer: Dagoo promises that the chief will protect the two women.

Why does Dagoo’s admiration for the women grow? (p. 112)

Answer: He sees that they are ready to fight whatever they face.

What does Sa’ do after she invites the men inside? (p. 112)

Answer: She removes some dried fish from a fishbag.

Sa’ feeds the men fish and what? (p. 113)

Answer: She feeds them rabbit broth.

What makes the hunters uncomfortable, despite the food and warmth? (p. 113)

Answer: They see that the two old women are in better health than they are, and they are the youngest and toughest of the band.

Which one of the women doesn’t feel pity? (p. 113)

Answer: Ch’idzigyaak

Why does Dagoo avoid Ch’idzigyaak’s eyes? (p. 114)

Answer: He wants to avoid the glare of her eyes and mean looks.

What does Dagoo compare the hungry people to? (p. 115)

Answer: He compares them to wolves that have grown mean.

Dagoo admits that he felt scared and weak when what happened? (p. 115)

Answer: He felt scared when The People decided to leave the old women behind.

What important promise does Dagoo make to the two old women? (p. 115)

Answer: He promises to protect the two old women with his life.

What do the young hunters decide to do with the two old women? (p. 116)

Answer: They promise to protect the women too.

What are the women still worried about? (p. 116)

Answer: They are worried if they can trust The People.

What members of the band are the two old women concerned about? (p. 117)

Answer: The children.

Why does Sa’ say they will have to wait until daylight to see if the men are telling the truth? (p.118)

Answer: She is worried they will see all their food reserves and betray them.

What is the demand the two old women make of The People? (p. 120)

Answer: They must not become greedy and try to take their food.

What do the women say they will do to protect their food? (p. 120)

Answer: They will fight to their death.

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