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Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Two Old Women  >  Reading Comprehension Questions
Chapter 8 - A New Beginning

 Chapter Summary: In this final chapter The People and the two old women reunite. Mother and daughter and son are brought back together and the band learns a valuable lesson about communication, respect for the elders, and themselves. The two old women are appointed to the council to share the knowledge they possess.

What did the women send with the hunters and why? (p. 123)

Answer: They sent bundles of fish to help the people have enough energy to travel.

What was the chief worried about? (p. 123)

Answer: He worried that something had happened to the men who went searching for the two old women.

What does the chief say about the old women’s rules? (p. 124)

Answer: He said The People will respect their rules and if someone disagrees they will have to fight him.

Who stands beside the chief? (p. 124)

Answer: Dagoo and the hunters who found the women back the chief up.

What does the news of the old women’s survival do for them? (p. 124)

Answer: It renews their sense of hope and awe.

What did Ch’idzigyaak’s daughter do when she heard the news her mother was alive? (p. 125)

Answer: She cried.

What did Shruh Zhuu do when he learned his grandmother was alive? (p. 125)

Answer: He immediately packed his things and was ready to go.

What size food portions did the old women promise the chief? (p. 125)

Answer: Small portions.

What did Dagoo hint to the two old women that the people needed? (p. 126)

Answer: He hinted that the people needed new clothing.

How did The People treat the food given to them by the two old women? (p. 126)

Answer: They carefully rationed the food.

What turn of luck did The People have? (p. 126)

Answer: The hunters killed a large moose.

Why did the women decide to allow guests? (p. 127)

Answer: They were getting lonely and curious about The People.

What was wrong with Ch’idzigyaak? (p. 127)

Answer: She missed her family terribly.

How did the women react to their first visitors? (p. 127)

Answer: They were timid and unsure.

What did the visitors bring each time they visited? (p. 127)

Answer: They brought gifts of moose meat or animal furs.

The People had taught themselves to be strong but what had happened? (p. 128)

Answer: They had been weak.

What was the “unspoken understanding” between the old women and The People? (p. 128)

Answer: The People found themselves seeking out the women for advice and to learn new things.

Why did Sa’ feel pity for Ch’idzigyaak? (p. 128)

Answer: Her family hadn’t visited yet.

Why did Ch’idzigyaak think her family hadn’t come to visit yet? (p. 128)

Answer: She feared they might not have survived.

Why didn’t The People tell Ch’idzigyaak about her family? (p. 129)

Answer: They didn’t want to tell her, and she was afraid to ask.

What did Shruh Zhuu ask for when he visited? (p. 129)

Answer: He asked for his hatchet back.

How did Ch’idzigyaak feel when she saw her grandson? (p. 129)

Answer: She cried with happiness.

How had The People’s outlook towards each day changed? (p. 131)

Answer: They no longer took each day for granted.

How often did Shruh Zhuu visit? (p. 131)

Answer: Every day.

Why would Ch’idzigyaak’s daughter not visit her? (p. 131)

Answer: She was ashamed of her actions. She thinks her mother hates her.

Ch’idzigyaak realized her daughter had been brave to leave what? (p. 132)

Answer: The babiche.

What does Ch’idzigyaak tell her grandson to tell her daughter? (p. 132)

Answer: She does not hate her daughter for what happened.

What was Shruh Zhuu’s reaction to the news his grandmother didn’t hate his mother? (p. 133)

Answer: He ran as fast as he could to tell her.

How did Ozhii Nelii react to the news that Ch’idzigyaak bore no hard feelings? (p. 133)

Answer: Her legs grew weak and she had to sit down. She was stunned.

What did Ch’idzigyaak say to her daughter when they reunited? (p. 134)

Answer: Nothing. Neither of them could speak at first.

What was the promise The People kept? (p. 136)

Answer: They would never abandon an elder again.

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