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Student Example: Poetry Inspired by Two Old Women
By Blayne Outwater

Betrayed By The People

Betrayed beyond belief
By family, the people, my culture
This thing you have done
I cannot see or understand
I have given my life to
The people
My knowledge is yours
What you have done
Takes all my trust
In the people
What you have done
Questions my place
Within the people

I Will Dye Trying!

Questions race in my mind
Shall I sit here in disbelief?
Sit here and let life leave this body
I cannot believe what they have done
How could this be
I refuse to let the land take me
I refuse to believe my life is worth less
I will dye trying!
This calm cold land waits patiently
The wolf howls in the distance.
Afraid, worried, and alone
You cannot take me just yet.

My body holds Truth with Time

I have aged through time
My mind isn?t what it used to be
I know this
My body tells me this
My soul tells this by time
Hard to move
Hard to think
I refuse to let this be
I shall recall all that I know
My reflexes must learn again
My strength shall return
I am not old
I will do all I used to do
My will is to live
So I must do what I have to do

This Journey Begins

I hold close the memory
The betrayal gives me strength
My body holds certain truth
My mind tells what must be done
My bones creak
My body aches
I must move on!
I will dye trying!
One step in front of the other
Mindless movements that keep me alive
I will not let this land take me
I will survive
I will move on
The days are cold
The nights are long
I am alone here
I will dye trying!
Hungers hold takes
Its rightful place
In my mind

Saving what is

The days have become longer
The sun stays in the sky allowing
Me this time to gather
Allowing this time to build
Allowing this time to
regain strength
I have survived this winter
I have shown my courage
I have surpassed all that is
I stand tall
Trials of this betrayal
I stand here to let you know
I am here

Sadness looms over

There is a certain sadness
Carried in his heart
Questions arise in his mind
How could this be
No remains, no signs of life
Returning to this place
Where betrayal had such a strong
Hold in this land, its memory held true
Time had taken its toll again
No food, no hope of survival
Yet there were questions that had no answers
Searching with the best of them
They look and find signs left behind

Searching for answers

The best of young and old
Looking for what was
Hoping to find answers to his questions
Searching the land,
Looking for signs of them
Looking for something to resemble an answer
The old one hoping to find an answer of some sort
Looking at the scape to see what is there
Signs out of place, only he could see
The young perplexed to see what he sees
The older one knows the land
The older one knows something deep inside
The younger ones would not know without age
Searching his senses
A whiff of air passes
Something was there
Hold still
Hold fast
There it was again
The search continues

The silence is broken

In the night as they sit
Staring into the fire
Searching the past
This betrayal brought back to life
As if it were yesterday
Fighting to the end if necessary
Fighting to keep what is theirs
Fighting to the death
For what they have reserved
Who is there
Why are you here
What does he want to know
What does it matter now
The people have left us to a demise
We have shown you that we are strong still

Betrayal forgiven

Time has taken its toll
We have had time to heal
Yet we stand at a distance
For history can repeat itself
Searching each others eyes
Hands held out to receive a gift
That was given then
Whispers unheard by all
Tears stream down as they embrace
This betrayal so thought to be unforgiven
Lay to rest in the past as it is just that

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