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Teaching and Learning

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The Candy Store

Essay Summary:  In this essay Susan McManus deceptively leads a four-year-old Seth Kantner across the snow-blown ice toward an imaginary candy store.  Kantner compares the modern material goods of the McManuses with the simple existence of his own family.  The essay is framed with an older Kantner observing the ruins of the old McManus home being reclaimed by nature, and at the same time reflecting on his youth and how material possessions and modern living have kept us from treasuring a simpler existence.  

How old was Kantner when Susan moved to Paunggaqtauruk Bluff? (p. 2)

Four and a half.

What did Kantner have to do in order to get Susan to lead him to the candy store? (p. 3)

Build up her generosity by giving her sweets.

How did his brother Kole know Susan was lying about the candy story burning down? (p. 6)

He was "pragmatic" and couldn't find the burned logs of the building.

When they couldn't find the store the second time, Susan claimed they must have moved because of what? (p. 7)

The owners had to move because of the wind.

According to Kantner, how did his family measure value? (p. 7)


What treat did Susan and her brother share with the two Kantner boys? (p. 7)

Tang and Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk.

What do the people who now race up and down the river lack, according to Kantner? (p. 8)

Knowledge or respect for the past.

What does Kantner owe Susan? (p. 8)

An IOU of a half stick of spearmint or the last bite of a store-bought cookie.

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