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Teaching and Learning

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Good-Bye Our Season

Essay Summary:  A eulogy to his dear friend Michio, Kantner captures Michio in his element. He tells the story of how a Russian bear killed Michio, and illustrates his deep respect and sadness for the loss of the famous photographer.  

What killed Michio? (p. 120)

A Russian bear.

According to Kantner, what made Michio such a great photographer? (p. 121).

He was a genius for "translating the light on the land into emotion."

What is a "satellite bull?" (p. 121)

A satellite bull is a moose that is too old or too small for to fight for cow moose and will sneak in while the big bulls are fighting and steal a chance for a mate.

What causes Michio to "forget us, forget the world, and his rice"? (p. 123)

A herd of passing caribou in perfect evening light.

Why did Michio's death change the way Kantner and the others viewed bears? (p. 124)

He had lived his whole life among bears but never had a friend killed by a bear.

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