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Teaching and Learning

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The Middle School section includes activities for Seventh through Ninth Grade.
Corralling Reluctant Readers at the Ranch
Jane Gray, teacher at Clark Middle School, Anchorage, introduces book reviews written by Ranch students for a language arts assignment. The Ranch is a highly structured, intensive program that allows students who fail 7th grade to make up two years of work in one year so they can go on to high school with their peers.

Newspapers in Education -- Middle School Reading
Tom Janz, administrator of the Newspaper in Education (N.I.E.) program for The Clarion newspaper, provides a series of activities for getting students to use critical thinking while reading current stories about events in their own communities and the rest of the world.

Literature Circles (9 pages)
Janet Lopez, teacher at Dzantik'i Middle School in Juneau, uses a Literature Circle to get students to talk about a novel with their peers as they read it together. Students are in charge of the discussion and the decision of how many pages will be read before the next discussion.

Text Interpretation Exercise
Text interpretation is a big item on the 8th grade Benchmark Exam, which requires students to comprehend and demonstrate meaning from text. One way Lauri Packebush has found to meet these standards is to have students make comic strips out of text from novels they have read.

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