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2003 Poetry Out Loud Results

Bradley Treuer Rebecca Grabman

Rebecca Grabman

Receiving the Jessie Withrow Award


Individual Winners

    Jessie Withrow Memorial Award (Given annually to the best individual poet of the evening. Poets who receive this award have their poems published in the next year's issue of Understory.) Bradley Treuer, Steller Secondary School, "Editors."
  • 2nd Place Rebecca Grabman, Steller Secondary School

The Steller School team

Team Winners

  • 1st Place "Glass Bagel" (Sarah Hanlon, Bradley Treuer, Corey Rennell), Steller High School
  • 2nd Place "Untouchable Air" (Destiny Brown, Olivia Jarratt, and Rebecca Barkman), Steller High School

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