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Alaskana for Children: New Book Titles for Young Alaskans  -  Page Four
By Sue Sherif « Prev   Page 4 of 7   Next »

Little Red Snapperhood: A Fish Fairy Tale. Gilbertsen, Neal. Illustrated by Evon Zerbetz. Westwinds, 2003. Grades Preschool - Grade 4.
With a silly rhyming verse and even sillier block print illustrations in brilliant colors, a well-known story is told once again with a saucy young snapper fish as the heroine.
Looking for Seabirds: Journal from an Alaskan Voyage
Looking for Seabirds: Journal from an Alaskan Voyage. Webb, Sophie. Houghton Mifflin. 2004. $16.00 Grades 5-8
An award-winning nature writer documents her trip aboard a research vessel as it travels from Seward out along the Aleutian chain. The seabirds that she is studying are depicted in words and attractive watercolors.
Minuk: Ashes in the Pathway. Hill, Kirkpatrick. Pleasant Company, 2002. $7.95ppr. Grades 6-12.
This novel about a Yup'ik village in 1890 combines humor and extreme sorrow as Minuk faces the coming of womanhood while her village on the Upper Kuskokwim meets a new culture and the devastation of an unknown disease.
Neeluk: An Eskimo Boy in the Days of the Whaling Ships, Kittridge, Frances, illustrated by Howard "Weyahok" Rock, Alaska Northwest 2001. Grades 3-6.
Written by a woman who visited the village of Wales at the turn of the last century, she and famous Alaskan artist and activist Howard "Weyahok" Rock tell simple stories of a young boy in the days of commercial whaling. Study guide.
One Wing's Gift: Rescuing Alaska's Wild Birds. Harris, Joan. Alaska Northwest, 2002. Grades 6-12.
Birds that have been rescued by the Anchorage Bird Treatment and Learning Center are portrayed in words and incredibly fine drawings.
Qayaqs & Canoes: Native Ways of Knowing. Steinbright, Jan. Photographs by Clark James Mishler. Alaska Native Heritage Center, 2001. Grades 9-12, younger for the pictures.
The Alaska Native Heritage Center produced a living exhibit of craft people from Alaska's major cultures producing the traditional watercraft of their cultures. This book and a videotape reflect the dynamic exhibit.
Runaways on the Inside Passage. Upton, Joe. Alaska Northwest, 2002 Grades 7-9.
This novel will appeal to the action-adventure readers in its account of 13-year-old twins as they search for their father on a long and dangerous voyage between Seattle and Alaska.
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