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Compared to other Native Alaskans, the Tsimshian are relative newcomers, having settled on Alaska's Annette Island in the late 1800s. Originally from Canada, a splinter group of Tsimshian people came west at the urging of an English churchman named Father William Duncan (1832-1918). For decades, the island community was known as "New" Metlakatla. The Alaskans maintain strong connections to fellow Tsimshian tribe members in Old Metlakatla, and Canadian relatives have aided in a resurgence of traditional ways among the Alaska Tsimshian. Although Tsimshian art, music and carving seem similar to Tlingit or Haida ways, the art and customs for each tribe are unique.


Tsimshian language
Alaska Native Knowledge Network
Tsimshian artist David Boxley

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"A portion of Metlakahtla Indian band, on wharf at Metlakahtla with Rev. W[illia]m Duncan."
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Basket, cedar

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