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Return to:   The Road to Tourism - Today, tourism is Alaska's second major industry; however, until about 50 years ago, only the richest and/or hardiest vacationer would strike out for the Last Frontier.
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Alaska roadhouses


During construction of the Alaska Railroad in the early 1920s, Pat Lynch and Maurice Morino opened separate roadhouses to accommodate workers and area miners. Lynch soon abandoned his roadhouse business; however, Morino stayed and continued to expand his operation to include tourists. In 1923, with the completion of the railroad into Mount McKinley National Park, Morino's property consisted of this log roadhouse as well as cabins at Riley Creek, which soon became the center of the community in the McKinley Station area. Morino ran his roadhouse until his death in 1937. Archives, Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Library and Archives.

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