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Return to:   Yup'ik / Cup'ik - The Eskimos of western and southwestern Alaska live in many villages, most of them along the great rivers and the coastline.
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Yup'ik wolf mask

Made: St. Michael. Descriptive Narrative: A wolf mask with large mouth set with teeth that are carved out of the solid wood. Slender, toothpick-like whiskers on each side of the mouth, which is painted red. A line from the mouth goes up the center of the face and over the eyes; spread into the forehead. It is painted black with white dots. The remainder of the face is washed white. There are seven white quills at the top of the mask. Description: wood; carved; painted; bird quills. Old Num: X.41. Exhibition: LSO Cheney Cowles Memorial Museum 2/10/75. Dimensions: H: 10 in, W: 5 1/2 in. Alaska State Museum - Sheldon Jackson Museum - Sitka. 

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