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Return to:   Haida - The Kaigani Haida (Alaskan Haida) people inhabit the southern half of Prince of Wales Island.
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Brass band at Hydaburg, ca. 1900

A Native band at Hydaburg, circa 1900, with the old Hydaburg church building in background. The lettering on the bass drum reads (in part) "Cornet Band How Can." The band leader, standing in the foreground wearing a fancy uniform coat, was from Metlakatla. Front Row (l. to r.): unknown, Johnnie Brown, George Hamilton, James George, Powell Charles, Mike George, unknown, unknown, unknown. Back Row (l. to r.): unknown, Benson Skulka, Aaron Issacs Sr., Frank Nix, unknown, Luke Frank, Sherman Alexander, unknown, Cogo, unknown. Photograph identified by Haida elders Woodrow Morrison, Sr. and Claude Morrison, of Hydaburg, and Fred Hamilton of Craig. Detail of this photograph: ASL-Kasaan-12. Alaska State Library - Historical Collections.

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