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reading and writing

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30th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2012

Grand Prize Winner

"River Take Me Home" by Aryeh Lax, Anchorage


4-6 Grade Level

Winner: "Shadows" by Sophie Verbrugge, Polaris K-12, Anchorage
Honorable mentions:
"Bridgers Go West" by Zoe Russin, Mountain Village
"The Legend of the Northern Lights" by Isa Weiss, Machetanz Elementary, Wasilla

7-12 Grade Level

Winner: "River Take Me Home" by Aryeh Lax, Steller Secondary, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Gone" by Samantha Luban, West Anchorage High School, Anchorage
"Magpie" by Sarah Graber, Floyd Dryden Middle School, Juneau
"One Choice" by EJ Tung, Dimond High School, Anchorage
"The White Room" by Ian Wilber, Dimond High School, Anchorage

Open to the Public

Winner: "That It Will Never Come Again" by Jamey Bradbury, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Back to School Night" by Richie Goldstein, Anchorage
"Geraldine's Flowers" by Thomas Faughnan, Anchorage
"Simplicity" by Brian Conley, Anchorage


4-6 Grade Level

Winner: "A Race to Remember" by Gloria Ruth Jacobsen, Glennallen Elementary, Gakona
Honorable Mentions:
"A Big Change" by Gabrielle Wilde, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage
"The Day I Got Lizzie" by Gavin Lee, Machetanz Elementary, Wasilla
"The Divorce" by Ryan Reid, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage
"The Otter" by Nathan Shuttleworth, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage

7-12 Grade Level

Winner: "Lost Tides" by Tziporah Lax, Steller Secondary, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Breakup Essay" by Maura Barry-Garland, Lathrop High School, Fairbanks
"The Price" by Taylor Unterberg, Palmer High School, Palmer

Open to the Public

Winner: "Prejudice" by Marie Andrews and Gladys Meacock, Anchorage
Honorable Mention: "Marcus" by Steve Harrison, Talkeetna


K-3 Grade Level

Winner:  Tie: "Masks" by Mariam Corpus, Kincaid Elementary, Anchorage, and "Snow" by Noah Goltz, Chugach Optional, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"A Red" by AJ Mann, Hermon Hutchens Elementary, Valdez
"Nature" by Arianna King, Big Lake Elementary, Wasilla

4-6 Grade Level

Winner: "Grandma Ruth" by Michelle Turchetto, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage
Honorable mentions:
"An Unfinished Poem" by Gabriel Pier, Begich Middle School, Anchorage
"Love" by Juliann DiLucchio, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage
"The Rock Cycle" by Jennifer Klebesadel, Palmer Junior Middle School, Palmer

7-12 Grade Level

Winner: "I Am Off Poetry for Now" by Jack Conger, West Anchorage High School, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Beautiful Insomniacs" by Allie Poe, Mat-Su Career and Technical High School, Wasilla
"Labyrinth of the Lost" by Shannon Rodgers, Houston High School, Houston
"Where I'm From" by Jed Turner, Teeland Middle School, Wasilla

Open to the Public

Winner: "Cherry Blossoms" by Tim Troll, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Between the Rings" by Bryce O'Tierney, Anchorage
"In the Winter Kitchen" by Rosalie Loewen, Haines
"Winter 911" by Daniel Kantak, Douglas

Story - K-3 Grade Level Only

Winner: "A Family Christmas" by Anita Grey Koelsch, Gladys Wood Elementary, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"A Fall Tree" by Eliot Pearce, Government Hill Elementary, Anchorage
"The Battle of the Donuts" by Mason O'Rourke, Mat-Su Central School, Palmer
"Johnny's Lesson" by Kylie Mullaly, Seward Elementary, Seward

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