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reading and writing

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14th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 1995

Winner: Jennifer Alessi, Anchorage, Lice
Judges: George Bryson, Gretchen Legler, Linda McCarriston, Kathleen McCoy, Ron Spatz
Winners: T.L. Scott, Anchorage, Write What I Know
Carolyn Davis, Sitka, Poem for Susan, Moving
LeeAnn Nielsen, Fairbanks, Absence: Linda Deisenroth, 1943-1993
Arlitia Jones, Anchorage, Lines Written on a Winter Evening for the Poet in Sarajevo
Melody Arendsee, Anchorage, Ashes, Ashes...
Janna Shaw, Chugiak, Winter
Jennifer Hong, Anchorage, The Periwinkle Box
Chris Middleton, Anchorage, Keep This Coupon
Matt Albert, Eagle River, Raven
David Selvaggio, Delta Junction, My Mom

Winner: Brian Hutton, Anchorage, Good Sauce, Bad Timing
Honorable Mention: Kathleen Putman, Homer, Pay Day
Virginia Walters, Kenai, Francie and Corazon - In Passing
Mary Spengler, Anchorage, King
John Foley, Gambell, Horizons
Robert Raven, Anchorage, Light Come Shining
George Harbeson, Alakanuk, Russian Submarines
Judges: Richard Chiappone, Joann Congdon, T.C. Mitchell, Dana Stabenow
Winner: Jennifer Alessi, Anchorage (UAA), Lice
Honorable Mention: Joyce Brawner, Anchorage (UAA), Saving Grace
Stacy Smith, Anchorage (UAA), The Rise and Fall of the Moon
Susan Beller, Bellingham WA and Anchorage (Western Washington University), The Perfect Pair of Combat Boots
Judges: Nancy Lord, Doug O'Harra
Winner: Jenna Lobb, Anchorage (Dimond High School), Opportunity and other short stories
Honorable Mention: Layla Borchardt-Wier, Alexander Creek (correspondence), Faces in the Crowd
Seth Howard, Wasilla (Wasilla High School), The Mind of a Madman
Matthew Olsen, Anchorage (Bartlett High School), To Believe
Judges: Suzanne Cheatle, Mike Doogan, Sheila Toomey
Winner: Megan Bradner, Anchorage (Service High School), Life 101
Honorable Mention: Bruce Ervin, Anchorage (Clark Junior High), The Raven Story
Lesley Stevens, Palmer (Colony Middle School), Talking Animals
Noah Zogas, Moose Pass, Barbeque (The Little Kids Die)
Dawna Putnam, Anchorage (Service High School), Trail of Tears
Judges: Lin Hampson, Connie Jones, Jola Morris, Jody Phillips, Janice Strickland, Tara Wreyford
Winner: Susannah Howard, Talkeetna (Talkeetna Elementary), Baskets
Honorable Mention: Erin Middendorf, Anchorage (Bayshore Elementary), Karoona
Lily Ann Jordan, Anchorage (home school), My Sister only Watches ‘Rugrats'
Anna Haigh, Fairbanks (Weller Elementary), The Wish
Erin Pate, Homer (Homer Intermediate), The Box
Jessica Campaign, Anchorage (Sand Lake Elementary), It All Begins
Matt Stevens, Anchorage (home school), The Manitou Awakens
Caleb Goneau, Tok (Tok School), A Vital Mistake
Anna Sorensen, Palmer (Matanuska Christian School), Mysterious Diary
Chantal Zeiger, Anchorage (Oceanview Elementary), A Pig's Life
Billy Weepy, Palmer (Sherrod Elementary), The Cactus and the Woodpecker
Judges: Debbie Briscoe-Cutler, Crystal Carr-Jeter, Michael Catoggio, Janna Hayenga, Wendy Nyberg

Winner: T.L. Scott, Anchorage, Write What I Know
Honorable Mention: Carolyn Davis, Sitka, Poem for Susan, Moving
Nancy Barnes, Anchorage, Urban Sprawl
T.L. Scott, Anchorage, June Twenty-first
Judges: Melissa Budai, Sue Forster, Robert Meyerowitz, Clay Nunnally, Debra Pennington, Bob Wilkinson

Winner: LeeAnn Nielsen, Fairbanks (UAF), Absence: Linda Deisenroth, 1943-1993
Honorable Mention: Arlitia Jones, Anchorage (UAA), Lines Written on a Winter Evening for the Poet in Sarajevo

Anna Smith, Anchorage (UAA), Nataase Heen (Tlingit Name for Carcross, Water Running through the Narrows)
Judges: Sally Carricaburu, Ann Chandonnet, Ron Rodgers
GRADES 10-12
Winner: Melody Arendsee, Anchorage (Bartlett High School), Ashes, Ashes...
Honorable Mention: Janna Shaw, Chugiak (Colony High School), When You Come
Selene Alice, Denali Park (Tri-Valley School), Matador vs. Bull
Linnae Fuller, Barrow (Barrow High School), Falling Feline
Colleen Warman, Anchorage (Anchorage Christian School), Forever
Simon Miller, Delta Junction (Whitestone Farms), Destiny
Gehlen Exum, Anchorage (Bartlett High), Endure the Pain
Christina Talbott, Anchorage (Steller Alternative School), Titans
Judges: Susan Alexander-Derrera, Peter Brown, Sandi Harper, Steve Lindbeck
Winner: Jennifer Hong, Anchorage (East High), The Periwinkle Box
Honorable Mention: Christopher Middleton, Anchorage (Steller Alternative School), Keep This Coupon
Jenny Wetzel, Anchorage (Service High), The Watch
Judges: Karin Dahl, Patricia Kennish, Vicki Radonich
Winner: Matt Albert, Eagle River (Eagle River Elementary), Raven
Honorable Mention: Erin Taylor, Anchorage (Turnagain Elementary), Who?
David Selvaggio, Delta Junction (Whitestone Farms), My Mom
Megan McGuire, Anchorage (Rogers Park Elementary), Grandmother
Sierra Rae Holzworth-Parker, Eagle River, The Night Song
Daniel Winston, Delta Junction (Whitestone Farms), My Dad
Zac Liszka, Anchorage (Bear Valley Elementary), Isolated
Jordan Miller, Wasilla (Tanaina Elementary), Anticipation (a Haiku)
Judges: Lynn Childs, Helen Crockett, Michael Dunham, Jane Gray

Winner: Brenda Gray, Kenai, The Black Bird
Honorable Mention: Joyce Baker Porte, Homer, Don't Give the Children Candy
Rosa Peck, Anchorage, The Pair of Socks
Gordy Vernon, Fritz Creek, Everest
Barbara Hunt, Palmer, The Day I Killed Peter Rabbit
Patty Westbrook, Chugiak, Old Skunks
Judges: Frank Gerjevic, Suzan Nightingale, Dean Wariner
Winner: Edward Wilson, Long Beach CA and Kodiak (California State University at Dominguez Hills), Yukon Autumn
Honorable Mention: Kevin McLain, Anchorage (UAA), Mysteries of the Rosary
Judges: Sandi McDaniel, Desmond Toups
GRADES 10-12
Winner: Corina Sullivan, Chugiak (Chugiak High School), The Lesson
Honorable Mention: Heine Hoffer, Anchorage (East High - School Within a School), Siblings without Rivalry
Marla Harris, Anchor Point (Homer High), My Yellow Subaru
Judges: Cathy Janvrin, Matt Zencey
Winner: Lael Harrison, Juneau (Dzanti'k Heeni Middle School), A Pilgrimage to Palmer's Peak
Honorable Mention: Delane Hamik, Homer (Home Junior High), Billy the Great
Michelle McGhan, Valdez (Valdez High School), Daddy?
Diana Michael, Anchorage (Clark Junior High), The Stories of Shageluk
Judges: Hal Bernton, Michael Carey, Rosemary Shinohara
Winner: Elizabeth Meyer, Anchorage (Ocean View Elementary), Fish Slime
Honorable Mention: William ‘Spike' Adam Bauer IV, Homer, Art Gregory's Funeral
Laurie Leuenberger, Palmer (Colony Middle School), Little Brother
Judges: Jay Blucher, Pamela Dunlap-Shohl

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