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3rd Annual Creative Writing Contest, 1983 / 1984

The entry dates of the 1983 Contest were delayed. Contest entries were accepted in fall (instead of spring) 1983 and had a deadline at the end of December 1984. The Contest winners were announced and printed in 1984

Winner: Kate McKelvey, Homer, Masqalataqs
Honorable Mention: William Cass, Juneau, Very Hot Summer and Mechanic and Potter
Maren Evans, Anchorage, Family on Cedar Street
Joe Page, Talkeetna, The Gas Can
Fleur Boyle, Kenai, Jabba the Hutt’s Grandmother
Sharon J. Reed, Anchorage, The Ice Spirit
Murdoch Hughes, Dutch Harbor, The Adventures of Hector and the Boy (a children’s story)
Susan B. Andrews, Fairbanks, The Best Ice Cream in the World
George Guthridge, Gambell, Exhibition
Suzanne Hancock, Kodiak, Rikka of the Foxes
David Fouts, Mountain Village, Good Old Days
Ray M. Droby, Anchorage, The Messiah
Vernita J. Zilys, Unalakleet, A Slice of Life
Borg Hendrickson, Bethel, The Island and The Oat Sack
Mary R. Katzke, Anchorage, Harvest
L.K. Haneline, Anchorage, Chocolate Lily
Winner: Cory Carlson, UAA, A Matter of Bearing
Honorable Mention: Dana Stabenow, UAA, Season of Mists
Cindy Hardy, UAF, Little Dolly’s Wedding
Karen A. Tschannen, UAA, The Stereoscope
Lori Jo Oswald, UAA, Expectations
Donna Mack, UAA, Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep
Laura Thomas, UAA, Mama
Winner: Amy Oliver, 11, Haines, Claudie
Honorable Mention: Lily Blue, 9, Juneau, Kitty-Car U.S.A.
Jim Power, 18, Anchorage, Cracking the Mask
Erika Larissa Bury, 11, Homer, Teresa’s Ghost
Shannon Moore, 13, Anchor Point, The Haunting Mermaid
Julie Hixon, 17, Fairbanks, The Yogurt That Had to Be Eaten
Karie Ann Turner, 8, Eagle River, The Monster and Me
Renee Price, 12, Hollis, The Great Salad Food Fight
Cindy Bur, 13, Adak, Where’s Bobby?
Christine Hayes, 13, Adak, How the Unicorn Came to Be
Dennis Efta, 14, Kenai, Freedom of Thought and The Broken Cycle
Eric Gerow, 13, Kenai, Loads
Paula J. Anderson, 13, Kenai, The Shadows
Meredith Guthridge, 12, Gambell, Reflections
Karianne Aaron, 10, Haines, B. Bertha Bouch
Timothy A. Rowland, 9, Palmer, $10,000 Reward
Rachel Scollon, 9, Haines, Nevis
Mario Barajas, 12, Hollis, Revenge of Dr. Physchyde
Kerry Platzke, 16, Fairbanks, Mexican Holiday
Jessica Simpson, 14, Palmer, A Man and a Moral
Dirk Dykstra, 14, Kenai, A Week in the Life of Shawn Terry
Sabrina Royster, 17, Soldotna, Time’s Hell
Cooper Moo, 17, Seward, Game Over
Scott Gibby, 17, Anchorage, Testimony of a Killer
Dianna Chesser, 15, Homer, Easy Prey
Annette Marley, 16, Homer, T.J.
Kathryn Englishbee, 17, Homer, Marching Home

Winner: Jim Simmen, Anchorage, An Inherited Experience
Honorable Mention: Sophie Mizak, Anchorage, Summer Camp (excerpt from Gentle Breeze)
Ken Hamm, Bethel, The Iditarod: A Rookie’s Run
Joy Griffin, Homer, Scared!
F. Dan, Anchorage, A Day in the Life of an Eskimo at Camp
Winner: Marjorie DeMartino, Fairbanks, Tanaina Passover
Honorable Mention: Ruth Moore, Anchorage, Rain, Rain, Go Away
Steve Grissom, Eagle River, Faster into the Wind
Colleen Titus Eikamp, Clear, Time, Please
Winner: Kristine Anderson, Eagle River, Gingerbread House
Honorable Mention: Tracy Reisinger, Anchorage, Region IV
Lily Blue, Juneau, Biography of Betty Breck
John Hendrickson, Anchorage, Conceived Sorrow

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