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16th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 1997

Click here to view all entries in the Peer Work database from the 16th Annual Creative Writing Contest.

Grand Prize Winner

Dawn Baumann Brunke, Wasilla, "In God's Garden "

Editor's Choice

Robert Clark, Anchorage, "Custom Wrecking "

Open to the Public


Winner: Dawn Baumann Brunke, Wasilla, "In God's Garden"
Honorable Mention:Christopher Causey, Unalaska, "Ptarmigan Hunting"
Brian Hutton, Anchorage, "Loon"
Mary Alice Cook, Eagle River, "The Runaway"
Robert Raven, Anchorage, "The Destroyer of Dreams"
Gene Connick, Anchorage, "Red Skelton Fans"

Judges: Richard Chiappone, Joann Congdon, Nancy Lord.


Winner: Linden Ontjes, Fairbanks, "The House of Bread "
Honorable Mention: Tina Johnson, Sitka, "Hand Over Hand "
Sue Miles, Eagle River, "Fata Morgana"
Mark Arvid White, Palmer, "And the Snow Fell, 1944"
Nancy Barnes, Anchorage, "The Carpenters"

Judges: Sally Carricaburu, Marybeth Holleman, John Haines, Tom Sexton, Bob Wilkinson.


Winner: Andromeda Romano-Lax, Anchorage, "In a Delicate State"
Honorable Mention: Maria Fernandez-Gimenez, Anchorage, "Spring on the Range"
Molly Baker, Eagle River, "My Couch Is In the Car Wash"
Michael Carey, Pat Dougherty, Sheila Toomey



Winner: Robert Clark, Anchorage, UAA, "Custom Wrecking "
Honorable Mention: Stacy Lynn Smith, Anchorage, UAA, "Tomorrow"
Stacy Lynn Smith, Anchorage, UAA, "Willy"

Judges: Sarah Birdsall, Doug O'Harra


Winner: Nicole Stellon, Fairbanks, UAF, "Spanish Blood"
Honorable Mention: Margaret Baker, Fairbanks, UAF, "Communion"
Karen Kavana, Anchorage, UAA, "Restless: A Pantoum, for Jan Almlof"
William Neja, Anchorage, UAA, "Stopping at a Friend's Farm"
Kathryn Everett, Anchorage, Princeton University, "Calypso"
Judges: Ann Chandonnet, Sheila Nickerson.


Winner: Dawn Reeder, Anchorage, UAA, "I am"
Honorable Mention: Nicole Stellon, Fairbanks, UAF, "Kitchen Genetics"
Sherry Eckrich, Eagle River, UAA, "Heart of the Matter"
Laurel Downing Bill, Anchorage, UAA, "Alcoholism -- Equal Opportunity Disease"
Donna Varnes, Valdez, Prince William Sound CC, "The Alaska Malady"
Judges: George Bryson, Rosemary Shinohara.

High School


Winner: Jessica LeGrue, Kodiak, Kodiak High School, "Six O'clock on a Monday Night"
Honorable Mention: Caleb John Howarth, Soldotna, Soldotna High School, " A Christmas Remembered"
Judges: Frank Gerjevic, Sandi McDaniel.


Winner: Mira Vasiljevic, Anchorage, Steller Alternative School, "A Seductive Pomegranate"
Honorable Mention: Marie Cable, Wasilla, Wasilla High School, "The Rainstorm"
Jessamyn Morrisette, Homer, Homer High School, "QVC and an Armchair"
Shawna Sweeney, Palmer, Palmer High School, "Thunder of the Gods"

Judges: Susan Alexander-Derrera, Barbara Brown, Michael Catoggio.


Winner: Susette Jenkins, Anchorage, East High School, "Jason"
Honorable Mention: Matthew Rodriguez, Anchorage, East High School, "Rain"
Jessica LeGrue, Kodiak, Kodiak High School, "A Typical Stereotype Smashed"
Bryan H. Ozer, Anchorage, East High School, "Turn the Other Cheek"

Judges: Terry Carr, Tom Mitchell, Natalie Phillips.

Junior High


Winner: Ellie Swanson, Anchorage, Atheneum Middle School, "The Dragonslayer "
Honorable Mention: Susanna R. Serino, Point Hope, home-schooled, "The Ghost Hunt"
Bonnie Loshbaugh, Kasilof, Soldotna Middle School, "Mwaar"

Judges: Lin Hampson, Connie Jones, Tara Wreyford.


Winner: Mary Ross, Anchorage, Service High School, ninth grade, "Out My Window "
Honorable Mention: Willow Coray, Anchorage, East High School, "Granite"
Ellie Swanson, Anchorage, Atheneum Middle School, "The Guardian"'
Julia Cohen, Juneau, Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School, "Dawn of Night"

Judges: Sherri Douglas, Patricia Kennish, Vicki Radonich.


Winner: Vanessa Westdahl, Anchorage, Mears Junior High, "Jeff Friday"
Honorable Mention: Breea DeSloover, Juneau, Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School, "Dirt Man"
Jeremy Lee Moore, Anchorage, Clark Middle School, "My Life with an Alcoholic"
Jessica Thygeson, Anchorage, Clark Middle School, "Loss of a Loved One"
Nicholas Kalmakoff, Chignik Lake, Chignik Lake School, "Prehistory of Aleuts"
Judges Bell, Don Hunter, Linda Weiford.



Winner Kerr, Eagle River, Eagle River Elementary, "The Swan and the Dragon"
Honorable Mentions: Jevon Chartier, Seldovia, Susan B. English School, "The Hunter's Surprise"
Sarah Campen, Sitka, Blatchley Middle School, "The Girl Who Defeated the Snow Queen"
Stangl, Anchorage, Rogers Park Elementary, "Sea Story"

Judges Mark Dent, Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Martha Feenstra, Liz Ruskin.


Winner: Rachel Mannheimer, Anchorage, Chugach Optional School, "Elderly Passenger "
Honorable Mention: Francesca DuBrock, Anchorage, Chugach Optional School, "Untitled"
Denali Kerr, Eagle River, Eagle River Elementary, "Rebirth"
Denali Kerr, Eagle River, Eagle River Elementary, "Black and White"
Kelly Sawyer, Wasilla, Tanaina Elementary School, "White"
Judges: Kim Holm, Susan Morgan, Jola Morris.


Winner: Tiffiny Decker, Nikiski, Nikiski Elementary, "A Funeral"
Honorable Mention: Lily Ann Jordan, Anchorage, home-schooled, "Splash Mountain"
Sarah Beetch, Anchorage, Polaris K-12, "All About My Special Place"
Kate Trefry, Anchorage, Polaris K-12, "Memorable Experience"
Iris L. Mucha, Anchorage, Northwood Elementary, "A Fishing Story"
Judges: Cathy Carpenter, Matt Zencey.



Winner: Hans Hallinen, Anchorage, Turnagain Elementary, "The New Light in the Night Sky"
Honorable Mentions: Reba Lean, Nome, Nome Elementary School, "The Mysterious Forest"
Laurel Pearson, Anchorage, Rabbit Creek Elementary, "The Sea Otter Rock-n-Roll Orchestra"
Jessie Wetherell, Palmer, Rogers Park Elementary, "The Unique Girl"
Boone Howard, Talkeetna, "Abandoned Island"
Judges: Dwayne Atwood, Lisa Demer.


Winner: Matthew N. K. Smith, Peter's Creek, Eagle River Elementary, "Climbing"
Honorable Mention: Anthea Carns, Anchorage, Rogers Park Elementary, "The Rolling Hills"
Iain D. McKeever, Anchorage, Bowman Optional Program, "In the Night"

Judges: Kristi Berg, Meghan Pembleton.


Winner: Molly McIsaac, Soldotna, home-schooled, "Missing Duke "
Honorable Mention: Chelsea Grimstad, Palmer, Matanuska Christian School, "That Fat Cat!"
Jonathan Brady, Anchorage, Abbott Loop Christian School, "The Forest"
Jessica Ann Willis, Soldotna, Soldotna Elementary School, "The Lights at Night"
Jonathan Brady, Anchorage, Abbott Loop Christian School, "The Lobster"
Judges: Tim Murray, Lisa Scagliotti.

Grand Prize Judges:
George Bryson, Gretchen Legler, Kathleen McCoy, Ron Spatz.

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