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Walk through history of the Last Frontier, from first contact between Alaska Natives and non-Natives, to the last great wave of settlement during the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.
The First Europeans (2 pages)
Some written accounts claim that the first Europeans to establish a settlement in Alaska were two Russian explorers -- Semyon Dezhnev and Fedot Alekseev.

Illustrated Alaska Timeline
Follow the history of Alaska from the 1700s to 2006 through images from the Alaska Digital Archives.

Russian America (2 pages)
Eager Russian fur traders wasted no time after learning of the superb furs awaiting them in the newfound region.

Alaska Purchase (2 pages)
The name Alaska most likely came from the Aleut word Alyeska, meaning the great land.

Alaska Transfer Ceremony
October 18, 1867, was one of the most significant days in Alaska history, the day when the United States officially took possession of its northernmost territory.

America's New Land (2 pages)
The people who lived in the newly-formed Department of Alaska petitioned the federal government for their promised rights of citizenship for decades, to no avail.

Project Chariot
In 1958, the Atomic Energy Commission under physicist Edward Teller proposed using a nuclear detonation to create a deep-water harbor in northwest Alaska.

A Forward-Thinking People: Contemporary Alaska (2 pages)
The state's most recent boom arrived in 1968 with the discovery of a massive oil reservoir at Prudhoe Bay.

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