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On the Same Page: Alaskans Reading Together

What would happen if everyone in Alaska read the same book and then met to discuss it? Discussion circles would spring up across this diverse state, bringing communities together. That's exactly what Alaska Sisters in Crime and Alaska Center for the Book are hoping will happen through their sponsorship of the Alaska Reads program.


A joint committee of the two groups set out to select a book that all of Alaska could read, discuss, and enjoy. Their first selection, now in the hands of readers across the state of Alaska, was North Star Conspiracy, by Miriam Grace Monfredo. A historical mystery novel set against the backdrop of the women's rights movement, North Star Conspiracy has been described as "a brilliantly evocative blend of history and mystery... intricately plotted, historically vivid, thoroughly satisfying mystery," by Publisher's Weekly.

Sparked by a similar program held in Washington State called, "If All of Seattle Read the Same Book," Alaska Reads is working to get Alaskans reading and discussing literature. Kimberly Gray, of Alaska Center for the Book, is hoping to see every community in Alaska have a discussion about North Star Conspiracy at their local library or community center. She explains, "I'd love to hear what Bethel has to say about the same book I'm reading."

For more information about this Alaska Reads program and Sisters in Crime, and for a calendar of discussion groups in your area, check out the Alaska Reads Web page.

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