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By Cameron K. Smith
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Cameron Smith's maskOnce long, long ago, there lived a pig with deer horns. His mom and dad named him Pigdeer. Pigdeer was always happy and playful. One day he went to town to play with the other pigs. They said he was weird because he had horns like a deer and he looked like a pig. Pigdeer paid no attention to this and went home. When he got home he asked his mom why he had horns like a deer. She told him he was born special. He asked, "Why?" His mom said she didn't know.

Pigdeer went into his room and didn't come out for dinner. In fact, he didn't come out for a week. On Monday his mom went into his room to see what he was doing and he was not there. He had run away to the forest 25 miles away. His mom and dad prayed that night that he would come back the next day. But he did not come back.

Pigdeer was having fun playing with the deer in the forest. One day other pigs with horns came to the forest. He asked why they were there. They said they were made fun of in their town.

On Tuesday Pigdeer and his new friends went to a new hiding place way out of town. Nobody lived close to this place. Pigdeer asked God to take away his and his friend's horns. God said, "Let me think about it." Pigdeer waited for two months for God to respond. But he never did so Pigdeer called upon God one more time. This time God said, "Meet me on the mountain near your house." Pigdeer agreed.

Early the next day Pigdeer and his friends started walking to the mountain. When they got there God was sitting on the mountain. He asked them to wait. Then suddenly, Pigdeer felt that he had no antlers. He looked at his friends and their antlers were gone too. That night, Pigdeer walked home to his parents. When he got there they hugged him and celebrated all night. And that is why God doesn't give pigs antlers.

Edited for punctuation.

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