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Poor Rabbit
By Melissa Sullivan
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Melissa Sullivan's maskLong, long ago, there lived a rabbit in a deep, deep hole, down in a forest. The little rabbits would always gang up on a poor rabbit named Bow Bow, who had lost his mother, father, and his baby brother. Bow Bow lived with his aunt and uncle. They had 37 kids, all together in the house there were 40 rabbits. Bow Bow had never gone outside in the forest where the sun never shined and it was always winter. Bow Bow had one deep dark secret, and that was he was the one who makes it snow all the time. Every night Bow Bow would dream about the accident that happened, the fox had eaten his mom, dad, and his baby brother, like he was there with them.

The next morning, Bow Bow's aunt and uncle convinced Bow Bow to take a peek outside. Bow Bow thought it was just beautiful, and decided he would look out every morning.

After two weeks had gone by, Bow Bow woke one morning and decided to go outside and explore the forest. Bow Bow got out of bed and went to the kitchen. His cousins made fun of him as always, for no reason at all. Bow Bow had finally had enough of it and he slapped a few of his cousins and started to yell. When his aunt and uncle came in, he then found himself in his room. At least he snuck some food before he ended up in his room. Bow Bow couldn't take any more and decided to escape.

"Yeap, I recon it's time for me to be on my way," he whispered softly to himself.

Bow Bow snuck out of his window and went deeper into the forest.

About three hours later, Bow Bow had found a small cabin. It was strange, he'd never seen a cabin out here before. So he went up to a window and saw a young girl about ready to come outside. He convinced himself to go and peek at the door. She spotted him and said, "Hi, I'm not going to harm you. My name is Sandy."

Bow Bow answered, "I'm Bow Bow."

"What's wrong?" asked Sandy.

Bow Bow again answered back, "Back at home, everybody makes fun of me, for no reason at all. And I have a special power to keep it winter or all the snow rabbits will die. And I'll lose that power if I lose faith in myself and have a low self-esteem, which I'm about to. And then all the snow rabbits will die, and it will be all my fault. Will you help me, please?"

"Of course I will, where do you live?" asked Sandy.

"I live over the hill and through the woods, then you turn left and you'll see a hole and knock twice," answered Bow Bow.

"I'll talk to your, what again?" asked Sandy.

"My aunt, uncle, and my cousins," answered Bow Bow.

"Okay!" said Sandy excitedly.

Sandy had a talk with Bow Bow's aunt, uncle, and all of his 37 cousins. Sandy came back and told Bow Bow that he should go home, and he did. Bow Bow had found the happy part of his life. And it was all because of Sandy, and the snow rabbits did not die, because of Sandy.

The next day, Bow Bow went to Sandy's cabin, and he found that Sandy was not there. Bow Bow waited three days and yet he wasn't to see Sandy ever again. Bow Bow was very depressed. So much for a happy life.

Edited for punctuation.

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