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Sun vs. Moon
By Sara Schroeder
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Sara Schroeder's maskOnce, long ago, there lived a sun, the sun lived in a palace with Princess Tika and King Jerolana.

Back then the moon ruled the skies, and days for the moon was long and uneventful. The moon longed for a friend, for the stars were often unfriendly.

One day Edgar the eagle noticed diamonds falling from the sky, and soon noticed they were the moon's tears of sorrow. The eagle hated to see the moon cry although he had only seen the moon cry once. It had become a concept to the eagle that when the moon cries he shines less and less bright.

Edgar began to fly into the dark starry night, where now only a glimmer of the moon could be seen. Edgar knew the moon was loosing light at a vast rate.

Crabby the crow loved shinny things so all day long he watched the moon and it's beautiful shine. He noticed how the moon was fading in color and was disappointed. He decided to stay in his mess of a nest just because he was lazy.

Hours and hours went by, but Edgar still flew. After what seemed like months, the exhausted eagle finally reached the lonely, depressed moon.

"What is wrong moon? You are nearly impossible to see, and your beautiful shine is fading quickly. The world will soon be dark," recited the breathless eagle.

"I am lonely. I feel I am lighting the world with no joy. My life is spent up in the sky doing nothing, and I must live forever," mumbled the sorrowful moon. The eagle was very smart, and had heard many tales of the sun.

"I have an idea, it will take me weeks to fly back to the world and back. However you are the moon and you need comfort. I have only a little time on earth, so I can not live my life with you, but I definitely know of someone who will also live forever like you," exclaimed the eagle.

"I never wanted to give this away, but I have to. Many years ago when I was in the land of Fantasy's, I was given this mask. It is a sun, whenever you put it on you can wish where you want to be, and automatically you will be there," mumbled the moon.

"Okay but there is also a spell you must use in order to get anywhere, if you say even 1 word wrong you will end up in the land of no return. So listen closely, AYYA, WHYYA, DIRTY PAPAYA, send this soul back to earth right now!"

WOOOOOOSHHHH! There was Edgar at the door of the Palace. It was a sight to see. Through the windows of the palace, shone threads of the golden sun. From all the cracks in the walls golden sunrays peeked through trying to escape.

The wind was as still as could be, but if you listened hard you could hear it moaning to be free. The eagle banged his fist on the brass doors. With an unbearable screech, the door opened. In front of the eagle stood the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

She was young, tall, and very slim. She had soft loving blue eyes, golden brown hair kept up neatly in a braid. She was wearing a beautiful gown full of jewels that sparkled like stars.

"Uhhhhh, I I I need to ssseee the sun," the eagle stuttered. Then Princess Tika giggled and pranced across the floor like an angel.

"Daddy someone is here to see the sun." Tika was as smooth as ice.

"Excuse me I need you to come with me," stammered the stunned eagle.

"Why?" questioned the sun. Edgar sat down and explained the whole story. The sun immediately agreed.

Soon the mask was on, and the moon was about to be accompanied for the rest of his life except when the eagle began to chant, the sun interrupted with his goodbyes. The eagle lost concentration and ripped off the mask.

"SHUT UP!" the eagle screamed.

Crabby the crow flew in, grabbed the sun, and raced out again crackling.

"Come get me you stupid eagle," the crow taunted. The extremely frustrated eagle tore out of the room in a furry.

He raced after the crow. Once after he was far ahead he hid in a tree. When the crow came by the eagle snatched the sun, and raced towards the moon. After 2 days the eagle reached the moon. He introduced the sun and moon. The sun and moon played and talked for many days. Soon they decided to take turns lighting the world, so they could each have free time.

The sun lights the world in the day, and at night the moon lights the world. This went on for many years joyfully.

Then word came two years later, that broke the joy. Edgar had been killed by bear. For two days and two nights the world was dark, and it was said that for two nights and two days diamonds fell from the sky. Can you guess why?

Edited for punctuation.

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