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Why Lizard is Afraid of Eagle
By Karen Herceg
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Karen Herceg's maskLong, long ago there lived eagle on a tiny star filled with darkness.

"I wish for water, plants, and life, for another place," sighed eagle.

Eagle looked down and saw a shiny object on the ground below him. Eagle swooped down and picked it up.

"You are the rightful ruler of the mask. You may create anything to your hearts desire," the mask said. Eagle put the mask on his face.

"First for an earth filled with trees!" yelled eagle. A huge earth appeared right under eagle. Eagle flew around making water, plants, food, stones, forests, deserts, and everything we have today. "Now for light!" roared eagle making the sun, moon, and many stars. "I must make life!" shouted eagle. First came people, and all mammals we have today.

"How about another creature?" eagle asked woman.

"Yes! How about water animals!" shouted woman. Eagle created reptiles and many colorful fish. The world was a place of freedom and no death. No blood was shed for six years.

One day a curious lizard wanted to look at great eagle's mask.

"May I go to the great eagle?" lizard asked his mother.

"How will you cross the Ocean of Depth?" lizard's mother asked.

"I shall call for shark," lizard replied.

"Well, fine," sighed lizard's mother. Lizard went to cross the Ocean of Depth's shiny surface.

"Shark, shark, please come help me cross the Ocean of Depth!" yelled lizard.

"Could you please help me cross the Ocean of Depth?" lizard asked yet again.

"Sure, go ahead and get on my back," replied shark. Lizard climbed on shark's slippery, and slimy back. As shark moved, lizard could feel the wind rushing past his face, and hear the swishing of shark's tail in the water. Soon lizard was fast asleep.

"We're here lizard, wake up!" shark yelled.

"Oh, sorry, I guess I fell asleep," said lizard quietly. Lizard got off shark's cool back and into the thick forest filled with trees. There was a large trail leading to great eagle. Through a golden gate went lizard and into a field of about 20 acres.

"What do you want?" eagle asked turning toward lizard.

"Can I please look at your mask?" lizard asked.

"Sure, but please don't put it on," eagle warned. As eagle turned away, lizard put the mask closer and closer to his face, then just like a magnet the mask was on his face.

"Could I have something new? Like challenges and danger!" lizard yelled. Death, diseases and suffering went into the world. With a scream of fury eagle grabbed the mask off lizard's face and destroyed it as fast as the wind blows.

"Go, if I see you again I will eat you!" eagle shrieked. As fast as lizard could go, he went through the golden gate to shark.

"Please take me back!" lizard yelled. In 20 minutes lizard was safe in his home.

"Stay away from eagle. He'll eat you," lizard sobbed. To this day lizard still hides from eagle.

The End!

Edited for punctuation.

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