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Kar vs. Dar
By Avery Fogels
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Avery Fogels' maskOnce, long, long ago, there lived a small little girl named Emily. Emily had long brown hair and dull brown eyes. Her father always said her eyes were very pretty, but Emily new they were ugly. Other than that Emily was not your average girl. She was best friends with the sun.

The sun's name was Kar; the moon's name was Dar. Kar and Dar were constantly fighting over who should rule the sky. They were not friends at all! Emily was always in the caught in middle of their fight. Emily just tried to ignore them.

Meanwhile, high in the smoke colored sky, Simoor the sky god was very annoyed with their constant feud. Simoor summoned them to his temple in the sky. Simoor's temple shined like gold! There were blue stars carved in the sides of his temple.

"Why have you summoned us?" Dar asked.

"To ask why you and Kar are in a feud," Simoor boomed.

"Well, Dar has a problem with me being more powerful than him!" Kar said smugly.

"You are not more powerful!" Dar screamed.

"Are too!"

"Are too!"

"Are too!"

They went on like this for about twenty minutes until Simoor had enough.

"Enough!" Simoor screeched, "This is so absurd! We are going to settle this with a competition! You both will show me your strength at 7:00 tomorrow morning," Simoor declared.

"Okay!" Kar and Dar stuttered at the same time.

Back in Arcaidia, Emily and Kar were playing with a ball on a fluffy white cloud. "How are you going to show your strength?" Emily asked eagerly.

"I dunno, maybe I will show my smarts! No, that is weird, Maybe-" Kar's voice trailed off. Just then Emily jumped up and down.

"I know what will boost your confidence!" Emily yelled.

"What?" Kar asked excitedly.

"I will make a mask of the winner," Emily cried.

"That is so cool!" Kar smiled.

"Can I come to the competition?" Emily asked.

"Sure!" Kar yelled.

The next morning Emily, Kar, and Dar met at Simoor's temple.

"Good morning!" Simoor cried, "Let's get on with it!" Just then Dar pranced over to Emily.

"I know I am going to win and not Kar!" snickered Dar.

"That's very mean!" Emily screamed.

"It's okay Emily! Everyone knows I am going to win!" Kar snarled back.

"Stop! I said let's get on with it!" Simoor boomed.

Dar was the first one. He showed Simoor that he could lift 3,000 clouds with his big bulging muscles. Next he showed Simoor that he could light the night as well as darken it so much people tripped and fell. "Beat that!" Dar snickered.

Next it was Kar's turn. First he showed Simoor that he could brighten the day with his warm rays. Next he made the floor so hot that he cooked eggs for Simoor.

"Why don't you beat that!" Kar snapped.

"I have made my decision! The ruler of the sky shall be Kar the sun!" Simoor said with a mouth full of eggs.

Dar let out a soft whimper, then broke down crying. Emily rushed out to comfort Dar.

"It is okay Dar," Emily whispered.

"I won! I won! Ha ha Dar!" Kar chanted.

"Stop it!" Emily screamed, the anger filling up in her, "Wait! I have an idea! You could
compromise! Dar, you could darken the night, and Kar could lighten the day!" Emily cried out.

"But, but, that's just not fair!" Kar moaned.

"I think it is! That is a great idea Emily!" Simoor laughed.

"Since you won, I will make the mask of you, Kar!" Emily said with a big smile on her face.

"I guess so," sighed Kar. Emily was in the corner making a glorious mask of Kar.

"Do you like it?" Emily asked.

"I love it!" Kar said.

"And I will make the mask powerful! Whoever tries it on will be very strong! They will be able to lift 3,000 clouds as well as be very smart," Simoor boomed.

So now you have heard the wonderful tale of Kar the sun and Dar the moon! Now the sun makes the day bright as well as the moon shines in the night.

The End!

Edited for punctuation.

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