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The Snow Demon
By Grant Dye
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Grant Dye's maskA long time ago, in the awful times in 1917, there were some pretty bloody, weird, and awful things going on. It was all happening in a teeny, tiny town called Avalanche City. Avalanche City was right smack in the middle of the harsh state called Snow Shakia. The reason Avalanche City was called Avalanche City is because once a weekend, a gigantic avalanche would come tumbling down one of the large, jagged edged mountains. It would stretch out and grab whoever was climbing the mountain, throw them on top of its back, and push them roughly right under itself. It pressed so roughly and hard, that it crushed their bones which had been shaking, as their eyes glared at the tumbling avalanche. You could hear the person's bones crushing with a fierce, scary, crisp, crunchy sound to it.

This event started to get so fierce that every person in the city had a gigantic, ominous look on their face. They worried that another avalanche would come down, but even bigger, and cover their whole city.

A man on the other side of the world from Snow Shakia, named Gandoff, heard about all the avalanches. He was so full of curiosity. He wanted to know what an avalanche was, and what was causing them.

You see, Gandoff lived in a place called Sun City. Sun City was right smack in the middle of Sunny Bunny State. The reason it was called Sun City, is because it was always sunny there. Gandoff had lived in Sun City for his whole life. He didn't know what snow was, so he decided to go to Avalanche City, and try to solve the problem.

The next day, Gandoff called the airport to see if he could get a ticket to the frightened Avalanche City. The person that gave out the tickets screeched, "Yes! We do have one ticket left."

"Yes!" shrieked Gandoff.

"Your flight will be leaving at 1 a.m.," said the person at the counter.

Gandoff wanted to get a good night's sleep before his outrageous journey across the world to Avalanche City. So, he drug himself across his damp burning rug. Once he got to his bedroom door, he stretched out his excited hand, grabbed firmly on the golden doorknob, and opened the door. He then drug himself toward his bed. Once he got to his bed, he flopped right on his back. Suddenly, he dropped off to sleep.

An hour later, he woke up with sweat tumbling down his face. He rolled his head toward the clock. It was 11:42 pm. So, he flipped off his bed, grabbed his suitcase, hopped into his Corvette, and sped off rapidly toward the airport.

One he got to the airport, he ripped his ticket out of his pocket and gave it to the lady at the register. Then, he skipped into the plane. Fifteen minutes later, they started moving faster and faster and faster, until they were up in the air soaring through the sky. Six hours later, with a sudden jerk, the plane landed in Avalanche City.

Gandoff hopped out of the airplane. He couldn't believe his eyes. What were these white tiny little things falling from the sky? But, there was no time to wonder. He needed to climb a mountain, and solve the mystery of what was causing all the ferocious avalanches to fall and tumble down all the mountains.

Gandoff took off rocketing to go get some climbing utensils so that he could climb a mountain, and solve the mystery of why all the terrible and outrageous avalanches had been occurring once a week in Avalanche City. As he was darting across the sidewalk, he saw a sign that said "Come Get Your Climbing Utensils." Gandoff raced over to the store.

Once he got to the bight blue store, he saw gigantic boots with sharp needles on the bottom of them. He also saw helmets, snowshoes, skis, snowboards, and lots of other weird stuff. He wiggled over to the boots with the needles on the bottom of them and took a pair of them. Then, he slugged over to the helmets and took one of them. After that, he skipped over to the warm, cozy, awesome, homey style gloves, and he grabbed the best pair that his light eyes could find.

He hopped to the person at the register, stretched his arm into his pocket, and pulled out 200 dollars. He gave it to the man at the register. He then rocketed off, out of the store, and into the street.

While Gandoff was running, he decided to climb Shiki Mountain where most of the avalanches occurred. Thus, he turned the other direction and ran rocketing fast with all his gear on his back.

Once he got to Shiki Mountain, he took off all his gear from his back and slipped it on his shivering cold body. After that, he started heading up the mountain. Every step he took, the snow would crunch crisply under his dreadfully, painfully, needle-like feet. The slight air trickled and pinched his face.

Once Gandoff got to the top of the mountain, he slowly bobbed his scaly like skinned head and looked down on the streets of icy snow.

"Wow!" he shouted.

Thousand and thousands of people were all gathered around in a rough circle, and were glaring at him. Or were they? He was wondering whether all those staggering people were staring at him, or beyond him. He was full of curiosity.

He slowly lurched his head to the right. "AAAAH!" he screamed with fright.

Right before him was a horrific, dueling Snow Demon. The Snow Demon had a long jagged beard that was covered with a filthy, whitish-bluish color. He also had the biggest nose Gandoff had ever seen. It was about nine and one-half inches long with a stingy sharp point at the end of it. Right beside it were two chubby cheeks. Another thing he had were two gigantic bucking horns on the top of his head. They were curled neatly at the top. Also, his hands and feet had ferocious claws on them.

"AAAAH!" Gandoff screamed again.

The Snow Demon raised his hands slowly upward. He then shot them right toward Gandoff. A whole bunch of icy snow floated freefully off the ground. Then, "POW!", the snow slammed against Gandoff's chest. He could almost swear the snow made him fly about 20 yards from the Demon. As he tumbled down the mountain, Gandoff started to feel the ground shake. Or, was it just him tumbling down the mountain?

Gandoff lurched his queasy head up to see what was going on. He saw a gigantic white thing coming down right toward him. He screamed with fury. In about two seconds, the avalanche had taken up Gandoff, thrown him on top of it's back, and was trying to push him right underneath itself. But, Gandoff fought and fought and fought. By the time he got to the ground, he was still on the avalanche's back. He had fought the avalanche, and he had won!

"Yes!" he shrieked.

He had finished his mission. He crawled off the avalanche's back and started running around telling everyone what was causing all the avalanches. They all believed him. A news reporter heard this and decided to send news to all the world that a Snow Demon was causing all the avalanches. Thus, he did.

The Snow Demon heard about this and decided to put a spell on the city, so that they very next day an avalanche would come and bury their town fiercely. The very next day, the avalanche came. It buried the whole city.

However, nobody died because they all took planes out and flew to Sun City the night before. Thus, to this day, we all know what causes all those awful avalanches. It is the Snow Demon!

Edited for punctuation.

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