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Legend of Bad
By Brandon Cope
Genre: Fiction
Category: Student Examples

Brandon Cope's maskThe mask of the Gods is the world's most powerful mask. The Gods must now choose one person to have the mask for all eternity. The powers are deadly if used wrong. If the powers are used right you can turn into anything in the world and the Gods mean anything. It holds powers that are beyond mere mortal belief. The thing you think you need to be, you are. Where you think you need to go it takes you there. All hope for the two worlds now lies on the finding of the one person that is going to be the chosen one. The one that can see both sides of the story. Now the choosing begins. The Gods have only twenty-four hours to find their mortal to complete the cycle of the mask.

An alarm went off, "RINGGGGGGGGGG," Bad woke up to see a heavenly figure standing in front of him. Somewhat started, Bad opened his mouth ready to say something when he heared a voice start to speak.

"BAD do you remember me? I am the goddess of birth," spoke the heavenly figure. "My name is Doe. You are not dreaming this. Please listen to me and we will get this over with quickly."

"All right, what is it that you want from me? Am I dead or going to die?" Bad questioned. Bad pinched himself to make sure that he was not really dreaming the figure he was seeing in his room. He could not believe that he was seeing what was there. He rubbed his eyes and looked again, only to see her still there getting a little upset at his actions.

"No, you are not dead nor are you dying. You're the Gods? chosen one. You know the one from the stories you were told as a young child? The tales you sat by the fireplace and listened to? Where at the end of the tale they always said, 'One day the world would need a man to help the Gods out. A person who has great strength and understanding.' Do you remember those tales?" Doe quizzed him.

"Yes, Yes, I do, but they were just stories, fairly tales, myths, right? What does this have to do with me? Why are you here in my room telling me all this? I am just a young man trying to live a clean, good life," Bad expressed, looking around to make sure that his buddies were not playing another trick on him.

"Once again, YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE, GET IT? You, Bad, have been chosen to take the mask and protect both worlds from the uproar that is upon us. The Gods only have twenty-four hours to get you up to shape. You have to come with me now so that we can get started. Please get dressed so that we may go," Doe stated.

"All right, All right, would you explain to me what it means to be the chosen one and how in the heavens I am it?" Bad, starting to get dressed, asked.

As he pulled on his clothes he heard a loud noise from above. It sounded like a thunderstorm was starting outside. There had never been a thunderstorm here before. Ever. So why now? Bad hurried his dressing. Doe reached for his hand and the two of them were off for the Great Hall of the Gods. In a blink of an eye they were there. Bad looked around in amazement. "What have I done to get here?" he thought to himself. It was a place that looked like a dream. Clouds all around. It looked like there was no ground and no ceiling. Just clouds everywhere. Big colorful clouds.

Doe looked around and yelled out, "Okay I have done what you sent me to do. I will go now." Looking at Bad with a smile, she said, "Good luck and may your heart guide you."

Bad stood there by himself in pure fear now. "What is going on here? I am here, but I do not understand what I need to do. Am I who you are after or did Doe make a mistake? I tried to tell her that I could not be the chosen one. Hello, is anyone there?" Bad yelled out.

"YES, WE ARE HERE, AND NO, DOE MADE NO MISTAKE," someone answered in a loud manly voice. In a quite voice a little more than a whisper, Bad thought he heard, "I hope that is the right one this time."

"What? What was that you said?" Bad could not make out the other voice. Maybe he just heard his own thoughts.

"You have a great opportunity here to become more than a mere mortal. You have a chance to become a legend. One that will go down and be told for eternity," the voice spoke. Out of the clouds walked a large troll looking thing. He was not quite human in form but close. He was weird to look at. He was quite scary looking. "I am, Organot, the god of Hopes and Dreams. I will be your trainer in your next part of your journey. You need to listen and do what you feel is right. Follow your heart and all will come to you."

Now Bad had heard this twice in the last few minutes. " What does it mean, Listen to your heart?" Bad asked Organot.

"You will see and understand when the time is right. Come with me. We will start in the mask room. Here you will see nothing but what you are looking for is in there. If you are the true chosen one you will find what you need to in this room," Organot explained. Organot reached out for Bad so that they could move to the mask room. Bad followed, looking at the clouds with different colors and what looked like a little worm sitting on a green leaf looking cloud. Bad thought that this must have been the voice that he had heard after the loud voice had spoken. Bad could not see the others that were there but he felt their presence. He felt strange, like many eyes were on him. They entered a smaller room that had nothing on the walls, but it had walls unlike the place where he had just come from. He looked around and heard something.

"Bad, Bad we need to start your training. You will need to learn to protect yourself first. We have many ways of teaching you what you need to know. When we are done in this room we will get started. We must start here and then we can start working on your skills so that you can move onto the next level," Organot explained.

"Wait, hold on now. Doe said we only had twenty-four hours in which to find your chosen one and get me ready for what ever it is that you need the chosen one, me, to do. How can we work on skills and such with such a short time window? What is that noise I keep hearing?" Bad asked. A high pitch noise that almost sounded like a little girl screaming kept going off. But it seemed that Bad was the only one that could make out the sound.

"Bad you hear something? What is it that you hear?" Organot almost jumping up and down asked.

"You heard it too? What is it?" Bad questioned.

"No, I am sorry but I can not hear anything but the two of us, but what is important is that you do right? Follow the sound and find what is calling you," Organot told Bad.

"Okay, it is telling me to go to the blue wall. Where is the blue wall? I do not see a blue wall," Bad, looking around, asked.

"I cannot help you here, you have to find what you are looking for," Organot sighed.

Bad looked around the room and started to see the walls turn different colors. It was like a really bad dream he had once in his childhood. He saw the blue wall and heard more noise coming from that area. He was not sure what to do. Bad walked up to the blue wall and stood there looking at it. Just then, right before his eyes, this strange, small face started to appear. He kept watching and the longer he watched the more detailed the face became. The colors and the details started to come out of the mask. What a wonderful looking thing he thought. Was this what he was supposed to find? Bad's heart skipped a beat. He could not move from that spot. All of the sudden it started to speak to him.

"Bad take me into your hands and place me on your face. Let me show you the way, I am your calling. Together we are going to change things forever. Are you ready? Your calling awaits you. Come to me Bad," the mask said to him. Bad moved back and then moved closer. He looked around the room. He was no longer alone. He saw more than a hundred different creatures standing behind the open door, all waiting for him to move. Bad took the mask into his hands and a ray of light shot out from it. He placed the mask on his face and in a flash he had memories of a lifetime, running through him. He saw what it was to be a LEGEND of the times. He saw so much that he felt light headed.

"He is the chosen one," a very loud roar came from behind. The Gods all yelled out with happiness. Cheers were heard throughout the land. So many voices that Bad could not make any one voice out. He looked through the mask and saw things that were not there before. It took a few moments for his brain to process all that was going on.

"What is this, I am really the chosen one?" he asked himself. He heard a small voice from deep down inside himself, " YES, YES you are." It was the same voice he heard from the mask. "We are one now, my knowledge is now yours. We will be together forever you and I. I will show you the way and we can teach the two world to live together." The mask went on to say.

My grandfather always told many tales but this was the best, the details he knew made it a great story to listen to. As my Grandfather sat there telling us this tale by his fireplace, I looked up and saw the mask on the hearth start to glow. I swear I saw it smile. I jumped to my feet and pointed to the mask on the wall. I said, "Look at the mask. It is glowing." I never knew such a loving and giving man and now I know why, he was not just a man, he was THE LEGEND OF THE MASK. Everyone just looked at me as if my Grandfather had put me up to this to make his story. Was I falling for the old man's tale too or was there something to what I saw? My Grandfather winked at me. I guess this was something he needed to let me in on. But why? I would soon find out?

The End or is it just the beginning...

Edited for punctuation.

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