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Reading is a part of everyday life for Chuck and Joyce Barnett, and their daughter, Katelyn. Rosalee Larson, Joyce’s mother, is writing her memoirs for her children and grandchildren. Joyce’s brother, Curt Larson, who lives in Seattle, bridges the distance by writing stories and plays for Katelyn.
Reading Every Morning
For the Barnett family, stories have been an important way to keep family connections strong.

Reading Was Important
I have loved books from as far back as I can remember. In our house in Regent, North Dakota, we had a small desk that sat in the hallway. The lower half of the desk had several bookshelves where we kept all the books we owned.

Grandma Rosalee Gets a Computer
Joyce learned the art of storytelling from her mother, Rosalee Larson, who told stories to her as a child. Recently Rosalee Larson has been recording those stories she used to tell on a computer that Joyce's brother, Curt, and his wife, Peg, set up for Rosalee.

Writing My History
I was reading Rolvaag's Giants in the Earth when it occurred to me how this story of pioneer life resembled my parents' life in North Dakota in about l906.

The Schooner Tapes
Joyce's brother, Curt, lives in Seattle, and has kept in contact with his young niece Katelyn through writing and sharing stories.

Growing Through Writing: Homemade Books (3 pages)
From her grandmother Rosalee's typed memoirs to her uncle Curt's audio tapes of Schooner's Tales, Katelyn Barnett has grown up surrounded by stories.

My Rooster, Bing
It was Christmas Eve. The snow was higher than the doghouse, and it was still snowing. My grandparents had come for the holidays, so there was always a loud chatter in the kitchen.

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