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Return to:   Noel Wien, Alaska's Aviation Trailblazer - Noel Wien created Alaska's first airline in 1927 and was one of Alaska's aviation pioneers.
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Fairbanks' Weeks Field was a busy airport during the 1930s

Fairbanks’ Weeks Field was a busy airport during the 1930s. Wien’s notes, written years later on the reverse of this photo, read: “The old Fairbanks Airplane Co. hanger [sic] in upper left hand corner . . . the two airplanes are open cockpit planes of Alaskan Airways. I had the pleasure of flying 29 years from this airport before it was closed to progress of City of Fairbanks.” Later, a public library built on the site of Weeks Field was named the Noel Wien Library. Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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