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Return to:   Noel Wien, Alaska's Aviation Trailblazer - Noel Wien created Alaska's first airline in 1927 and was one of Alaska's aviation pioneers.
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Noel Wien took this picture September 24, 1924

Noel Wien took this picture September 24, 1924. Addressing it to Bob Bartlett, he wrote on the reverse: “Sept. 1924 a charter flight with engineer Ingram & Secretary Sandy Sanders on attempted flight to Kantishna. Two days tried to get them in there but low ceiling persisted and I landed them here on a 300 ft. bar on Bear Paw Cr. by a cabin. Man second from right lived there. This was a very short landing over tall spruce trees rough ground helped me get stopped before running in the log in front of ship. Left Sandy Sanders, Ingram, & N. Wien on right.” Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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