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Return to:   More About Reindeer (or is that a Caribou?) - Reindeer, whose scientific name is Rangifer tarandus, are semi-domesticated, slightly smaller than their wild cousins, and have a flatter nose.
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Corralled reindeer at Mekoryuk on Nunivak Island

Title taken from caption.  Notes state: "Reindeer herd in U.S. Government Reindeer Project corral at Mekoryuk, Nunivak Island, Alaska, with coastline in background."  Additional notes: "A characteristic trait of different reindeer herds is the direction that they mill or turn.  The reindeer herd at Nunivak Island always turn in a clock-wise direction whereas other herds of Alaska are known to travel in a counter-clock-wise direction.  In this photograph, looking north over the burial grounds of the natives of Mekoryuk, the sand dunes along the beach, and out over the Bering Sea, a strong substantial corral is built that will handle well over a thousand milling snorting reindeer.  Camouflaged fencing is used to keep the highly sensitive and easily frightened reindeer from seeing the various buildings of the Project."

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