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Return to:   The Alaska Earthquake - March 27, 1964 remains an infamous date in Alaska history, especially among those who survived it.
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Valdez evacuees arrived in Fairbanks by plane and bus

Valdez evacuees arrived in Fairbanks by plane and bus. Notes with this photograph read, "A CH-21, piloted by Capt. Wheeler from Ft. Greely, arrived in Fairbanks on Saturday evening with children from the Pentecostal Childrens Home. They were accompanied by Miss Mildred Pitts, who worked in the Home, and Mrs. L. P. Carriker, widow of the minister of the Assembly of God Church. The pastor was one of victims of the quake. On Tuesday evening, three Alaska Overland busses delivered 115 evacuees to the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce." Archives, University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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