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Return to:   The Alaska Highway (the Alcan) - Protecting America's northernmost possession was a matter of national security in the early 1940s.
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Watson Lake signpost

View of U.S. Army sign with milepost, Watson Lake, British Columbia. From caption: "4,000 miles to Tokyo - This Alcan signpost was erected during the construction days of World War II at the 'Y' junction near Watson Lake. U S Army photo." Sign reads "Watson Lake Aerodrome. Admission by pass only. Trespassers subject to military law. No quarters or rations available to transients." From verso: "Approved for release U.S. Army Engineer District, Alaska, Corps of Engineers, P.O. Box 1288, Anchorage, Alaska. Property of Cook Inlet Historical Society." n.d. Photographer: U.S. Army Photo. Original photograph size: 10" x 8". Anchorage Museum of History and Art - Library and Archives.

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