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Alaska Department of Highways sign on Alaska Highway

View of Alaska Department of Highways sign with facts about Alaska posted on Alaska Highway, possibly near border between Alaska and Canada. Sign reads: "Alaska Department of Highways. Facts on Alaska. Alaska is twice as large as Texas, covering 586,400 square miles or more than 375,000,000 acres. The coast line of Alaska is longer than that of the lower forty eight states. Alaska has the highest mountain on the North American continent, Mt. McKinley, rising 20,300 feet above sea level. The Alaskan brown bear is the largest carnivorous animal to be found in the world today. The Alaska moose is the largest of its kind on earth, the bulls attaining a weight of 1,400 pounds. Alaska's bird is the ptarmigan. Alaska's flower is the forget-me-not. There are no snakes in Alaska." Early 1960's. Photographer: Frank Whaley. Original. Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Library and Archives.

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