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I Am Off Poetry For Now
By Jack Conger

I am off poetry for now.
The phrases filling up my head
are tired, overworked, and dead.
"The sun, the moon, thy face" - how trite!
No, I am in no mood to write.
I am off poetry for now.

My muse is out of character;
its focus is on only her;
my normal angst is out of place
when fireworks outline her face.
I am off poetry for now,

for how could anyone not hate
this loving nothing I create
with vapid whimsy; "empty" verse
has never sounded so perverse!
I am off poetry for now -
but wait, she calls me back again
away from my poetic den
to springtime, fresh and clear and free,
where nothing counts but she and me.
I am off, poetry, for now.

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