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The Four Seasons
By Megan Escobedo
Genre: Poetry Level: Elementary 4-6
Year: 1999 Category: Bell Benton Memorial Poetry Award

Birds chirping on sunny days,
roses blooming on freshly pruned shrubs,
tiny leaves begin to grow,
prickly grass beneath my feet,
mint leaves melting in my mouth.

High in the sky the beautiful sun,
ribs sizzling on an open fire,
the laughter of children joyfully playing,
cold river water dancing over my toes,
raspberries melting in my mouth.

Golden leaves falling form tress,
peaceful, calm, and pure,
rustling of trees blowing in the air,
sidewalks laden with frost,
cold ice melting in my mouth.

White snow blanketing the earth,
fires burning gently
children sledding and skiing,
icicles hanging from the roof,
hot cocoa melting in my mouth.
About the Author: Megan Escobedo attends Kincaid Elementary School in Anchorage, AK.

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