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Where Am I From
By Alexandria Ivanoff
Genre: Poetry Level: Junior 7-9
Category: UAA/ADN Creative Writing Contest

I am from scrumptious sourdough pancakes, cooking in the morning haze

From Folgers coffee brewing and birds chirping at the break of dawn

I am from the small red cabin miles up the river

The security knowing I could just be.

I am from the sweet smelling bluebells

The evergreen pines

Whose long gone limbs I remember

As if they were my own.


I am from tree climbing and net checking

From Aidan to Anne

From Papa Paul to Allen

And Beth to Bebucks.

I am from joking and stubborn

And from creativity and will.


I am from let's go and I love you

I'm from giving away your first catch

I'm from Alaska and Inupiaq family

From Dry fish and strips

From getting caught in the net like my little brother

And their cautiousness ever since

The old wood stove and guns never to fire again

The memories here will never be forgotten.

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