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The Higor Is Back
By Fiona Gehrke
Genre: Fiction Level: Elementary K-3
Category: UAA/ADN Creative Writing Contest

Once upon a time, there was a monster called The Higor.   This creature was not a gentle one. It is said that the Higor came from an ancient land called, Crystallea. A land with Drillas , SpineSerpants, and many other creatures yet to be heard of. It's a beautiful, and bright place filled with emerald green plants, sapphire blue rivers, oceans, and lakes. SpineSerpants are skinny serpent like things with curved horns and sharp spines and more! One day, a lone SpineSerpent was walking. Its name was Ravan. He said "hi" to a passing Drilla. The Drilla's name was Finaca.  Drillas are flying seahorses that come in many different colors. This particular one loved flowers! The two friends shortly parted ways after their greeting. Ravan decided to look for some diamond mushrooms by the topaz marsh, that's where they grow abundantly.

Right before Ravan came to the Topaz Marsh, a Spinaroo named, Ghost, came running up to him out of breath. Spinaroos are kind of like kangaroo creatures with purple spots. Panting, she said, "Ravan...we need you!!"

"Why?" he asked surprised. Ghost looked sick.  "It..." Ghost said at last, unable to speak.  "It..., what Ghost?" asked Ravan.

With horror across her face, Ghost replied, "The Higor is back!"  "Un-Oh", said Ravan.

"I know! It hasn't been here in so long!", said Ghost.  "Where is it?", asked Ravan.

"In the Fields of Joy", replied Ghost.  Oh-no thought Ravan. "That's where I saw Finaca!!" he shouted.

"That's terrible!" cried Ghost. The two friends stood in shock for a moment, then Ravan said, "Ghost.. ...let's battle the Higor!" "WHAT??" cried Ghost. "I said..." started Ravan, before Ghost interrupted him and agreed to look for the monster.  When they got to the Fields of Joy, it was destroyed.

The Fields of Joy was the most beautiful place in all of Crystallea, but now, it was a wasteland.  It was once a field that everywhere you look there were sparkling pink quartz flowers, aquamarine willow trees, and bushes that were adorned with dew drops that looked like crystals. There were winged wolves called Frinas. Frinas look just like normal wolves, but with sparkle rainbow color bird wings.   Their wings are as big as their bodies. They lived for fun. These winged wolf like creatures are always happy and playful. However, today, all the Frinas were in hiding.

No surprise there, thought Ravan as he and Ghost ran through the Fields of Joy. Then, they both heard a monstrous roar, "Rrrrrroooaaaar" followed by a screeching scream. They both knew instantly that they had found the Higor. The Higor is a serpent like winged monster. It is blue with patches of shimmering gold, and narrow oval shaped red eyes. It had been banished to a land called, Enteron. It had been imprisoned for a hundred and one years.

"Well, well...what do we have here?" asked the Higor in a raspy voice.

"I... I... I.... I'm Ravan and this is Gho..." he managed to get out, stuttering a lot. "I ca-can in-intro-duce m-m-mys-sel-self," cried Ghost. "I... I... am-a-am G- Gho-Ghost." She began to spell it: G-h-o-s, before the Higor interrupted her and said, "I know that! Hmmmm...... Ghost. Ravan...have maybe we... met before?"

"NO!" shouted both together. The monster frowned at them. Then, Ghost was able to let out, "Higor, why were you imprisoned?" Ravan put a hand to his snout, fearful of the answer.

"Well..." began the Higor. "I killed ten Frinas, nine Spinaroos and two SpineSerpents."

" MONSTER!!" yelled Ghost.  

"Oh..." said the Higor without any feeling.

"OH? OH? OH? OH?" raged the Spinaroo.  "IS OH ALL YOU CAN SAY, MONSTER?"  And with that, she flung herself at the creature standing before her.

"Ghoooooost! No!" Ravan bellowed as his friend hurtled herself at the surprised Higor.   The Higor wacked Ghost with his tail. "Nooooooo!" shouted the SpineSerpent, as he watched her thrown towards a stump. Ravan turned to the Higor. His eyes were glowing red with anger. "WHY? WHY? WHY?!" he wailed.

"Because my soul is pure evil. That is why," said the creature with the blackest of hearts.   Ravan hissed and the Higor laughed, "Ha, ha, ha, ha!" "By the powers of old and new"... Ravan began. "May the power of the elements be with me to the finish."

Then the Higor charged at him. The SpineSerpent dodged, but barely escaped the massive beast barreling towards him, and squared himself to face it once more. The Higor roared a deafening sound, "RRROOOAARR!" Raven courageously roared back.

Meanwhile, Ghost was still unconscious, then suddenly began to stir back to life.   "Uhhhhhh." The Higor again charged at Ravan, but this time he did not see the attack until it was too late because his eyes were fixed on his friend who was still lying in a ball by the stump. He was flung halfway across the Fields of Joy.

Ghost finally managed to get back up, "Oh...ahhh...owww - RAVAN!!!" she shrieked when she saw her friend thrown. The Spinaroo ran and hopped as fast as she could to Raven's side.   "Uuuhh, my head hurts..." mumbled the stunned SpineSerpent.

"It's okay", said Ghost, "I'm here." She then turned to the Higor as it stood with its back to her. Her anger gave her power., I will use my magical spots, she thought.   Ghost summoned all the power in her spots. "Higor! I challenge you!!" she cried valiantly.

"You dare challenge me?" it growled. She shot a powerful blast of electrified air at the dark creature. Every Spinaroo has electrified air and uses it when needed. It's purplish white with yellow streaks. The electrified air hit the Higor straight on its tail. BOOM!  CRACKLE!  POP!

"Yow!  HOW DARE YOU?" it thundered. It charged Ghost, but she was expecting it.   She knew the Higor was about to rush her because before it attacks its eyes flash red. She ran straight at the Higor and jumped over its lashing tail. "NOOOO!" it wailed at her.

Ravan stirred to life as a bony hand shook his shoulder. "Ravan. Raven. Wake up!" He opened his eyes and saw a Skelaror! "Haah, you finally woke up." "Call me Fang. I was with Finaca when you called me," Fang said.

"Why are you here?  How did you know...?"

"Well, I am from the undead element.  You summoned the some of the elements. "

Ravan yelled, "Where is Finaca? Is she okay?"

"Ssshh, settle down, Ravan. She's safe in the Ruby forest." Ravan sighed a huge relief.  "Wait....  Where is Ghost? I-I-I-I-s she- Where is she?" panic in his voice.

"I am sorry, but I do not know where she is."

"Ghost is my best friend, Fang..."

"I know, Ravan, and you are going to see her again!" roared the Skelaroar.

"Okay, okay. You do not need to be that loud." finished Ravan. "Yes. I. Do. Ravan. Look here... we are going to see Ghost again, we are going to defeat the Higor, okay Raven?"

"Ookay..." he said meekly. "Good."

The Higor turned to Ghost, anger flashing in its eyes. "Rrroooarr!!" She shot a blast of fire in return. "Take that, Higor!" The beast snapped its jaws at her, and almost got her. "Aaargh!', cried the Spinaroo. Just then, Ravan and Fang had found her.

"Ghost! Ghost! Ghost are you alright?"

"RAVAN!!! Uh... who's that Skelaror..." she began.

"Ssshhh. Long story short... this is Ghost, Fang. Ghost, this is Fang, he's from the undead element. I somehow called him when I summoned the powers of the elements."

"Nice to meet you." said Ghost and Fang at the same time. Then they turned back to the raging beast. 


"Not now, Higor...we're making a plan." yelled Ravan. 


"And how dare you talk to US like that!" Then there was silence. Then, the Higor barreled towards the SpineSerpent. Ghost and Fang watched in horror as the snarling creature crashed towards their friend. At the last minute, he shot a blast of white and yellowish fire that turned into a roaring flame. "Aaarrgh!" it screamed.

"Ha. Ha!" cried Ravan triumphantly. The beast stumbled and fell. 

"How...How...dare you", it started to say, "Rrrrrarr!! ......Oh...I must go now.. I warn you now, you have greater challenges ahead." And with that, it disappeared.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You're telling me we went through all that, and then the Higor just disappears??" asked Ravan. 

"Apparently so, Ravan." said Ghost, "Apparently so."

Crystallia was restored and beautiful once more. The Frinas came out of hiding, and the world of Crystallia was least for now. Fang lead Ghost and Ravan to the Ruby Forest. There they saw Finaca. "Hello guys!" The Ruby forest had ruby trees and gold rocks. "You guys", said

Ravan, "Let's go home." And that is what they did with Drillas swirling all around them.

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