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A Strange Story
By Logan Clark
Genre: Fiction Level: Elementary K-3
Category: UAA/ADN Creative Writing Contest

Logan Clark
The worst part of fall is raking leaves, but this year I got my friend, Bobby, to help me. It still felt like the end of the world to me to spend a great day raking leaves, but Bobby's company made it a little better. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally finished raking up all of the leaves in my front yard. We decided to have a little fun and jump into the pile of leaves before bagging them up. I counted down, "Five-four-three-two-one!" We ran, we jumped, we fell! We fell? We weren't supposed to fall. We were supposed to land on the grass.

As we fell, we shrunk as small as the leaves around us. The next thing I knew, we landed with a thump on a leaf. The leaf started talking to us. It said, "Get off me! Get off me!" We got off the leaf and froze. The leaf had a nose, a mouth, eyes, and ears. "Hi," said the leaf. "Welcome to Leaf Land. My name is Bane."

Bobby giggled, then laughed, "Ha-ha-ha!"

Bane ignored Bobby and said, "I need to see the time so we don't miss the Leaf Express. It's due any time now."

"What's the Leaf Express?" I asked.

"The Leaf Express is a tour train and a delivery train that delivers leaf people to stops all over Leaf Town," Bane answered.

"Well, what are we waiting for," I said. "Let's go on the Leaf Express!"

"Just wait a minute, young man. We have to get tickets first," said Bane.

Bane took us to a birdhouse where we got tickets from Betty the bird. We immediately ran to the Leaf Express and barely made it. We showed our tickets and boarded the train.

Bane was our guide throughout the tour of Leaf Land. He told us about Swim School, where leaves go to learn how to float on water instead of sinking. Bane showed us the Poleaf Station, the Leafbrary, Olive Leaf Garden, and McMaples, two favorite restaurants in Leaf Land. Bobby and I were amazed. Leaf Land was spectacular!

After the grand tour, I told Bane we needed to get back home. He led Bobby and I to McMaples. He ordered a Grand Mac Magic Burger. Bane said, "Take a bite and you will return home at your normal size." We each took a bite and could feel ourselves floating up in the air. As we floated, we grew bigger and bigger. I whispered, "Good bye," to Bane.

A moment later, Bobby and I were back in my yard, sitting next to the leaf pile as if nothing had happened. We looked at each other and laughed. We finished raking the leaves back into a pile, bagged them up, and saved them to be able to visit Leaf Land another day.

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